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SM Youth X Mickey Mouse

The year 2018 marks two major milestones for these two brands: the 60th anniversary of the retail giant SM, and the 90th year of The Walt Disney Company. These two brands are giving their loyal customers and fans a treat with their “Share-A-Smile” partnership.

“Mickey Mouse is an icon. He has become an international personality whose success laid the foundation upon which Walt Disney built his creative organization. Besides being the personification of everything Disney, Mickey is one of the most enduring personalities of our culture and times. Both SM and Disney have given, and continue to give their customers happy memories that last a lifetime, across all generations. Both brands offer a legacy, a tradition, a way of life—a world that customers identify with and find attachment to. Through this partnership, SM will continue to create these experiences and bring the Disney magic closer to Filipinos,” shares Yara Macalindog, director of Disney Consumer Product of The Walt Disney Company Philippines.

This sixty-piece shirt collection comes in Mickey Mouse trademark colors of black, red, white, muted yellow, and maroon. Retro designs, that are relatable to the youth of today, are seen on the shirt pocket placement of each round neck cotton shirts. “Mickey is truly a fashion icon and he remains timeless. You will see the different iterations of Mickey in the diverse looks and designs in the collection,” explains Macalindog.
One can’t resist these SM Youth X Mickey Mouse shirts, and they can be worn in so many ways. From your favorite pair of jeans, to trousers, shorts and even skirts, these tees are as timeless as the Mickey Mouse icon. Macalindog adds, “Each collaboration is unique as they appeal to the unique tastes and preferences of Mickey fans all over the world. Through this partnership with SM, we have co-created a collection that we hope appeals to the discerning taste and fun personality of the Filipino youth.”



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