Chow for Your Cute Fur Babies? Try Good Boy Dog Food available at Shopee

Dog lovers want to provide the best dog food for their fur babies, but often fall short for any of many reasons.

It is important to know that each breed has its own idiosyncrasies that set them apart from other breeds. Like the Shih Tzu. They do share many of traits with other breeds but it is worth noting that none should be overlooked when it comes to picking an appropriate diet.

Note: When introducing new food to your pet dog, begin with a proportion of about 25% new food to 75% previous food. Gradually increase the amount of new food and decrease the amount of previous food until you are feeding only the new diet. Maintain normal feeding patterns: Feed your dog or cat at the same time each day and in the same area.

Generally speaking, the instructions of dog foods will give you the recommended feeding schedule for that particular product but if you are in any doubt, your vet will be able to advise you. The number of daily calories that your dog needs will depend on their age, their activity level, their health status and their bone structure.

Big or small, it is very important to feed your pet with good quality meals. A good meal will keep your dog in a good shape and help them to live a long and healthy life. Good thing, there is Good Boy Dog Food, one of the most affordable flavored dog foods, and that is readily available for purchase in our favorite online shop Shopee.

Perfect for small breed dogs one year and up, the Good Boy Little Variant (with Lamb and Beef Flavors) is a tasty good food made with complete and balanced ingredients for their daily health needs. It is packed with nutrients for healthy brain metabolism and function, giving your pet dog  alertness, mental focus, and  memory power.  Now with anti-tartar for healthier gums and fresher breath, your dog will surely thank you for each bite!

For medium to large breed adult dog, the Good Boy Original variant has the right nutrients for them. And for puppies, you can buy them the Good Boy Dog Food Puppy variant. Good Boy Dog Food follows the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) basic dog food nutrition requirements.

The Good Boy dog food products are available at You can also get up to 15% off on Shopee Grocery Day (except bundles). Download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play.


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