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Tee Party: Sixty shirts and sixty faces by the SM Youth

What started out as an online community, SM Youth has come a long way. It has grown exponentially, with a big portion of its success coming from the people who made a mark in the SM Youth go-see.

To celebrate sixty #aweSM years, SM Youth launches the #teefestival campaign. This hip youth brand gathered sixty familiar faces from the SM Youth go-see seasons one to three. Brand ambassadors such as Tommy Esguerra, Kaila Estrada, Richard Juan, Kyle Perry, Macauly Lofgren, Erika Kristensen, Jaime Borromeo, Julian Rodriguez, Jesse Perkins, and Christian Perkins also participated in this fun shoot. All of the sixty faces are chosen because they represent who SM Youth is today.
Tee Festival
For the shoot campaign, sixty different shirts have been prepared for the the sixty faces. From plain tees with witty phrase to color blocking retro stripes, each of the sixty participants got to choose their very own tee that reflected their own personality.

The photos, taken by top photographer Bjorn, are posted all over social media. Kaila Estrada picked an burnt orange shirt with “Feelings… deleting” printed on it. Macauly Lofgren chose a tri-color stripe shirt in forest green, black and white combination. There isn’t anything boring with Erika Kristensen’s sweater shirt with BORED printed in neon light font style.

You can have all these shirts, too! From September 1 to October 25, SM Youth is offering 20% off when you buy 3 or more regular-priced Tees or Sportshirts from Smyth, Tee Culture and Character brands.
SM Youth proves that the style possibilities are endless with their shirts. There are so many to choose from, so have fun getting dressed with them. One doesn’t have to stick to a certain look. Now is the time to experiment and change up your looks. And as seen in all the instragram posts of the sixty participants, SM Youth is all about giving the opportunity to express themselves freely, revolutionize fashion, and celebrate youth, love and #aweSM sixty years with SM.
SM Youth houses brands Smyth, Tee Culture, and Character Brands. Visit or @SM_Youth on Twitter and Instagram at @SM_Youth for more details.



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