Snap Your Pupper Like a Pro with the FUJIFILM X-T100

Capture precious memories of your beloved pet through great quality photographs and amazing videos with the new FUJIFILM X-T100. The latest addition to the Fujifilm X-Series of mirrorless digital cameras, the FUJIFILM X-T100 is the perfect partner for pet photography with its cool features such as a high magnification electronic viewfinder, a horizontal tilting rear LCD screen, and an extended battery life of up to 430 frames.
Mastering the Basics
You think your pet has the potential to be the next online sensation? Guess what! You don’t need expensive equipment to capture your pet’s awesomeness. You just need to arm yourself with the basics.
Aperture is key to snapping Instagram-worthy photos of your pets. Widen your aperture if you want to blur out your background or a smaller aperture makes sure even your background is in focus, showing the environment where your pet is in. Using the FUJIFILM X-T100’s electronic viewfinder, you can easily see the effects of changing your aperture does to your photograph.

Animals have a natural tendency to move around a lot, and a fast shutter speed is important to nailing sharp pet pictures. Focusing on your pet’s moves is no trouble at all as the FUJIFILM X-T100 is equipped with a phase detection autofocus system and a newly developed autofocus algorithm, which makes it focus faster and precisely.
Where you and your pet are is also a huge factor when it comes to adjusting the settings of your camera. Luckily, the FUJIFILM X-T100 is armed with a built in pop-up flash and native ISO of up to 12,800, meaning you can take cool photos even if the lighting indoors isn’t the best. However, when you are outside on broad daylight, keep your ISO to a minimum to leverage on the natural light.
Arming Yourself with Tips and Tricks

Knowing your pet’s personality is essential to getting cool photos and videos of them. Is he or she cuddly, playful or curious? Leverage on your pet’s character and let it shine in your photos for authenticity.
Everyone (or every pet, rather) has a good side. Experiment with different angles to capture your pet’s best photo yet. Pro tip: a fool-proof angle is the one where you are in eye level with your pet.
Can’t wait to share your pet’s cuteness to the world? You don’t even need to trouble yourself by plugging the camera to a computer. You can easily transfer the FUJIFILM’s X-T100’s files instantly with its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology. The FUJIFILM X-T100 is also compatible with the FUJIFILM instax SP-3 printer, so you can enjoy the fun of printing and sharing images more than ever before.
Your furry friend could be the next viral superstar. You just don’t know it yet. As an outstanding blend of FUJIFILM’s renowned outstanding image quality and iconic color reproduction technology, the FUJIFILM X-T100 might just make it happen.

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