5 Reasons to Watch #BarDa’s first Film “That Kind of Love”

Watching “That Kind of Love,” starring Barbie Forteza and David Licauco, is an opportunity to experience a well-crafted romantic-comedy movie brought to life by one of the Philippines’ well-loved love teams. The combination of a compelling storyline, kilig performances, and high production value makes it a must-watch for fans of #BarDa and/or quality cinema.

“That Kind of Love” is a much-anticipated film for several reasons. Here are some key points that make it a must-watch:

1. Strong Chemistry Between Leads:

While Barbie Forteza and David Licauco have previously worked together and have shown remarkable on-screen chemistry, this film is the very first #BarDa movie. The love team, also known as BarDa, rose in popularity when they played Binibining Klay and Ginoong Fidel in historical portal fantasy series “Maria Clara at Ibarra.”

Barbie Forteza is a highly regarded actress in the Philippine entertainment industry, known for her versatility and compelling performances. David Licauco, with his strong screen presence and charm, complements her perfectly.

Their combined talent, dynamic interaction, and natural rapport promise to bring depth and authenticity to their characters’ relationship, making their romantic journey believable and engaging.

2. Engaging Storyline:

“That Kind of Love” offers a fresh and emotionally resonant storyline that explores the complexities of love and relationships. The narrative is likely to captivate audiences with its heartfelt moments from laughter to tears, mirroring the emotional rollercoaster of real-life relationships. Its plot delves into the joys and challenges of romantic connections, making it relatable to a wide audience.

3. High Production Value:

With a dedicated production team, the movie promises high-quality cinematography, direction, and overall presentation. This enhances the storytelling and makes for a visually appealing film. The attention to detail in the film’s production enhances the storytelling, making it a visually appealing experience.

4. Very Relatable:

This Rom-com movie explores universal themes such as love, relationships, and the pursuit of happiness. These themes are fundamental aspects of the human experience, making them easy for audiences to connect with on a personal level. In this film, their journey serves as a reminder that sometimes, love finds us in the most unexpected of ways, challenging us to grow and evolve in ways we never imagined. The emotional resonance also makes the characters’ experiences feel more genuine and relatable.

5. Positive Audience Reception:

Early reviews and audience feedback have been positive, praising the film for its engaging plot and kilig performances. Such reception indicates that the movie has successfully resonated with viewers and critics alike.

“That Kind of Love” follows the story of love coach Mila, portrayed by Barbie, who is helping “Mr. Perfect” Adam, played by David, find love through her advice. As they set their course to learn more about each other, unknowingly, love might have already found what they are both looking for.

The film also stars Al Tantay, Arlene Muhlach, Jef Gaitan, Divine Aucina, Ivan Carapiet and Kaila Estrada.

“That Kind of Love” is the sophomore outing of Pocket Media Productions, Incorporation, following the success of its first offering, “Chances Are, You and I,” starring Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger. It is also directed by Catherine ‘CC’ O. Camarillo, and screenplay writer is Ellis Catrina. Produced in cooperation with Happy Infinite Productions, Inc., and also released and distributed by Regal Entertainment.

Mark your calendars for the most-anticipated romantic-comedy that will surely capture and melt your hearts. “That Kind of Love” opens in cinemas nationwide on July 10!

Special thanks to Digital Out Of Home, Inc.!

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