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Anonas Bistro: Serving Great Food from their Good Hearts

Opening a new business is a complicated feat in the best of circumstances, and it’s an especially complex process to tackle during COVID-19. A company will need to adapt its operations to comply with safety protocols and stay afloat during an economic downturn. Thus, many people think it is impossible to pursue entrepreneurship in such uncertain times.

While there are certainly some incredible challenges launching any business right now, doing so might not be such a bad idea. All you need is a clear purpose. To Arch. Roman Ignacio, Jr., it is taking a risk to launch a new business and even helping others during the pandemic.

“Starting a business during a pandemic might not seem like an ideal endeavor, but actually, it could be a great entrepreneurial decision,” said Architect Ignacio, who just opened Anonas Bistro, a new restaurant in Quezon City offering well-loved, family home-style Pinoy favorites.


Great Food. Good Hearts.

Anonas Bistro is the newest must-try, casual dining resto in the heart of Quezon City, serving mix of Filipino regional cuisines, with specialty on some Ilocano-inspired dishes. Here are some of the good and the great about it:

Upon entering, you will be greeted warmly by courteous attendants. Of course, the safety protocols are strictly enforced: thermal scanner, hand-sanitizing and filling up of health declaration form.

The two-floor resto has this relax, feel-at-home vibe, which also features solid-wood furniture from Vigan and wall arts by Filipino artist Roland Rosacay.

Their menu is quite simple and not intimidating. They have choices for appetizers and salads; the main dishes including grilled and seafood; and then desserts and beverages.

First good thing about Anonas Bistro is that you will be offered FREE soup. Yes, FREE soup to all guests!

Check out this Creamy Vegetable Soup… it’s on the house! (thanks, to their head chef)

Food is fresh and safely cooked, it is generously portioned, the presentation is well thought out, and best of all, really budget friendly.

For an amount of P1000, you can already have an appetizer, an order of salad or a vegetable viand, 1 main dish, a dessert and a beverage of your choice.

Anonas Bistro also offers great breakfast options; beer, wines and “pulutan” for a light night “inuman” (drinking session); and a specialty selection of international cuisine on selected times. So be sure to ask about the daily specials!

Food are cook-from-the-heart of their Head Chef Severino Palunday while the home-y ambiance is care of their operations manager, Mr. Lucien Aquino.


Follow your gut. Be flexible. Stay positive.

The pandemic forced hundreds of thousands of small businesses to close. For Architect Ignacio, it was a good time to start a new one.

While launching a new business right now has its unique challenges, truly, it’s far from impossible.

Now we can see the pace of new launches comes amid a wave of business closures, which created an unusually large void for new entrants to fill. Spending is picking up as well, as cities and provinces lift restrictions on everything from restaurants to retailers, leading to a rush of activity that had been on hold in last year.

“It just felt like the right thing to do,” he said. Clearly, if you have the drive, do not wait another second.  Do not be afraid to take risks.

To be able to help others also motivated Architect Ignacio’s gamble. Even though Anonas Bistro started small, it has played an important role in job creation. Architect Ignacio, through his business, was able to provide new jobs for several workers who became unemployed during the pandemic.

Also, adaptability is the key to success for any entrepreneur and their business. Have a plan, but be flexible in the face of change. His goal of putting up a “kambingan” (an eatery that serves food with goat innards or internal organs as main ingredients) eventually led to a bistro in order to maximize the use of the space of the venue that they are renting now.

Most importantly, stay positive. Despite the uncertainty, Architect Ignacio remains positive.

“I really believe in what we do; it’s a really a promising business to work in.” It has been busy every day since, said the happy architect.

So expect more from Anonas Bistro this year. They’re just getting ramped up!

Open daily from 7AM to 10PM, Anonas Bistro is located at 145 K-6th, East Kamias 1102 Quezon City. For booking and reservations, call 09686100041 or email [email protected]. Follow them on social media: @anonas.bistro.


Written by dotdailydose




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