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New year, new style resolutions! As we usher in 2024, let’s focus on the fashion elements that truly elevate your style game – shoes and accessories. SM Supermalls in Grand Central, Sangandaan, and Valenzuela are your ultimate destination to stay ahead in the style game. Navigate the ever-changing fashion scene effortlessly and discover what is making waves in 2024 with these carefully curated fashion insights.



Embrace the concept of old money aesthetic in 2024, where the focus is on wearing pieces that exude sophistication without the hefty price tag. This trend encourages the selection of high-quality materials and impeccably tailored clothing. For those looking to embrace this trend, consider investing in quality accessories such as handbags, jewelry, and footwear from Aldo in your ensemble.


Expect the timeless charm of femininity with shoes that echo elegance and grace. Soft pastel hues, delicate embellishments, and refined silhouettes dominate this trend. Think pinks, bows, floral prints, and lacy accents. Whether it is a pair of dainty heels, a charming handbag, or accessories that exude feminine charm, Cotton On has everything you need to embrace the charm that defines femininity in 2024. Shoppers may also discover an array of feminine selections available at For Me in SM City Valenzuela and SM Center Sangandaan. Elevate your wardrobe with limitless accessories options that speak to the modern woman’s fashion sensibilities.


While neutrals remain a classic choice, 2024 encourages you to make a bold statement with pops of color. Stand out from the crowd with vibrant shades such as lavender, canary yellow, and millennial pink. Whether you choose to incorporate a pop of color into your shoes or accessories, Parfois has the perfect pieces to help you turn heads and make a lasting impression.

  1. Embrace Fashion with a Conscience

Sustainable fashion continues to gain momentum, and in 2024, it is still a trend that is here to stay. SM Supermalls in Grand Central, Sangandaan and Valenzuela offer a selection of brands that prioritize sustainable practices and weave environmental consciousness into their products. Explore the eco-friendly options, including vegan leather bags from Straightforward. Make mindful choices that resonate with both style and sustainability.

Get ready to stride into 2024 with confidence, showcasing beautiful styles, vibrant colors, and unique fashion pieces. Make a statement with these carefully curated fashion insights for 2024.  Elevate your style game with SM City Grand Central, SM Center Sangandaan, and SM City Valenzuela!

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