Imee Marcos soars high on TikTok

Imee Marcos celebrates a brand new milestone as a social media personality with a compilation of her most-watched TikTok videos which will be streamed on her official YouTube Channel this May 20 (Friday).

With barely over a month on TikTok, Imee has gained almost 123K followers, and has gotten almost 450K likes on her video entries that have accumulated almost 2.5M in consolidated views.

From fun musical games to nostalgic stories about her iconic parents to unforgettable moments in Philippine history, rare family photos,invaluable life hacks and exciting adventures, Imee’s TikTok is jam-packed with feel-good entertainment and delightful insights on our nation’s history as seen through the eyes of the fun-loving and hardworking Philippine Senator.

“It feels so great to connect with the younger generation through the platform of TikTok,” says Imee. “I was very hesitant at first to start a TikTok account but I eventually got the hang of it and realized how fun it actually is. TikTok is one of my stress-relievers after a long day at work and it’s such a blast reading some of the comments. I wish to thank all of my followers for their solid support and I can guarantee that we could all look forward to a lot of exciting new materials that we hope everyone will enjoy.”

Discover Imee’s best TikTok moments and join the fun and subscribe to YouTube and follow her on TikTok at

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