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Pur-fect #GoodestCat Meals, Now Available on Shopee!

Feeding time for your pet cats can sometimes seem like a daunting task. It is difficult to find a food that they’ll willingly eat, as cats are just about the pickiest eaters around who would rather starve than eat. Also, finding a cat food that’s all-around beneficial and healthy for your cat, and and at the price range you’re comfortable with, may seem impossible.

But being a good fur-rent doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are pet owners who look for affordable yet nutritious, self-prepared food their fur-babies, a new pet food brand, now available on Shopee, makes fur-renting easier and more a-fur-dable – Goodest Cat.


Goodest Cat, Nourishes Like Love.

Made locally in General Santos City*, these extra scrumptious meals-in-a-pouch is made with only the freshest ingredients, enriched with vitamins and minerals for complete nourishment. Goodest Cat is pur-fectly vet-formulated wet cat food that is 100% nourished with DHA to keep your pet cats active and alert, plus Vitamin E for their strong immunity. It also follows the standards of quality and safe pet feeds set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

And because Goodest Cat knows it’s difficult and time-consuming to find a budget cat food that’s balanced and also good quality that your cat will actually eat, they offer complete and balanced pet food with the freshest ingredients, at an affordable price. One pouch of Goodest Cat meal contains 85g of pure goodness for as low as Php 26.00 on Shopee— that’s 5g more than leading competitors at a lower price!

Goodest Cat wet cat food comes in 3 different flavors— Chicken Chomp, Tender Tuna, and Meaty Mackerel.

  • Goodest Cat Tender Tuna is a definite crowd favorite. Made entirely with high quality tuna, it’ll have your cat asking for seconds!
  • Made entirely with sardines, tuna, and mackerel, Goodest Cat Meaty Mackerel is a feast for your seafood loving furbaby.
  • Completing the line-up of goodest-tasting cat food is Goodest Cat Chicken Chomp. It is made with real chicken meat, beef liver, and tuna, making it different as most cat food only offers seafood! Sure enough, it has the highest trial rate from customers, as they find their cats scraping their food bowl clean with this delicious meal.

You might also want to try the Goodest Cat Starter Pack of 6. Get an 85g pouch for only PHP 25 each. 17% more affordable than the leading brand.

Know that there are options out there that will suit your budget and your cat’s appetite and well-being. You can choose Goodest Cat for its nutrition, cat-pleasing taste, and affordable price.


Follow Goodest Cat Official Store on Shopee Mall and add to cart… Meow!


*Goodest Cat foods is also part of Century Pacific Food, one of the Philippine’s top tuna enterprises.

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