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Meet, Santi! SM Supermalls’ Sanitation Robot

The pandemic has set a new normal for public sanitation. High traffic and high touch-point areas – such as malls – must be cleaned more frequently to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases.

Stepping up again in-mall sanitation measures by introducing the latest technologies, SM Supermalls has added another robot to fulfill a new mission. Santi, a sanitation robot, recently arrived to help with the task of making sure that mall staff, tenants and shoppers are safe.

Santi is part of SM’s campaign, #SafeMallingAtSM, and together with Sam, the country’s first in-mall smart robot, these “bro-bots” are task to help ensure malls are safe, clean and fun amid the pandemic.

Santi was first presented at the SM Megamall and SM Aura Premier this month before being gradually introduced at some of the company’s other malls across the country.

Apart from the daily disinfection routines carried out by its cleaning crews, SM Supermalls will be complementing these efforts by deploying Santi during malls’ operating hours to conduct additional disinfection of high shopper traffic floors.

Sanitation robot like Santi offers much-needed confidence to shoppers whose awareness of the importance of hygiene has been piqued by the pandemic.

#SafeMallingwithSanti: Equipped with its 360-degree disinfectant misting feature, Santi will be sanitizing areas around him with VirusDOC. This FDA-approved disinfectant can kill 99.9% of germs and viruses within seconds; and is 100% hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. Santi also has an HD camera for face recognition, a touch-screen, and a microphone to greet shoppers, making their malling experience not only safe but also a little bit more fun.

With Santi, you’re sure to have worry-free visit to the mall!

For more information on #SafeMallingAtSM program, visit or check your favorite SM Mall on FB, IG and Twitter.

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