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Safe and Fun #DineInAtSMMegamall

As the government sets modified quarantine measures in select areas nationwide, more businesses can open and stay at home restrictions have been relaxed. Aside from banks, work offices, and government agencies, business establishments like malls continue to reopen. Of course, health and safety protocols still prevail.

Included in “safe malling” is also #SafeDining. And as more food services were allowed to expand beyond just take out, SM malls nationwide are offering a new and safer dining experience for shoppers who want to satisfy their cravings and have a good time with family and friends.

As part of its #DineInSM campaign, at SM Megamall, restaurants, other food tenants, including the Mega Food Hall, have opened more doors so that customers can sit down and have a dine-in meal. SM Megamall makes sure that its physical stores implement and follow safety measures by transforming into safe innovative community spaces, enforcing high-standard hygiene and health protocols to ensure every customer’s well-being.


Mega Food Hall

If you want to dine out with various food selections such as Sushi Nori, Tex Mex and Roasts Kitchen, the Mega Food Hall, which sits just across the IMAX Theater, is the perfect place to go. Bundle these various food together, and you have a small get together with your family and friends.

Sushi Nori‘s Deluxe Party Tray and Sushi Dreams Temaki; Tex Mex‘s Mex Pollo, Baked Buritos (Chicken, Beef and Carnitas); and Roasts Kitchen‘s Xiao Long Bao, HK Roasted BBQ, Beef Kenchie Noodles, and Spicy Shrimp Wanton.

Upon entering, customers are encouraged to fill out a health checklist provided at the entrances of each establishment. Other health protocols, such as temperature check upon entry and regular disinfection of hands, are strictly observed. Customers could also easily see floor markers that encouraged them to go in a one-way direction.

Per IATF guidelines, dine-in is allowed but a restaurant can only allow up to 50% capacity. This means everyone is advised to follow diagonal or solo seating to observe safe distancing. Acrylic or clear barriers in between customers are also in position. Visual markers on seats and tables are also placed to further remind customers to maintain their physical distance while they eat and socialize. Sanitation teams could be seen taking care of surfaces; while safety officers would help and remind customers of the mall’s guidelines.

Who says social distancing while eating out can’t be fun?


Dine-in Restaurants and Food Stalls

Since last year in SM Megamall, more restaurants and food establishments such as Goldilocks, Lugang Cafe, Mos Burger, Brownies Unlimited, Ramen Nagi, and French Baker have opened and reopened with standard health protocols to bring back the fun in dining out and still guarantee customer safety. Diners need to scan or fill out health declaration form, to undergo temperature check, to sanitize, and to follow the one-meter distance floor markers at the queuing lane as well as the diagonal or solo seating, depending on the restaurants table set-up, and avoid using seats as well as tables with markers.

Some restaurants have even extended their safety measures to minimize physical contact of their employees and customers. These include sneeze shields or barriers for cashiers and touch-free menu boards and cashless payment options. Proper health practices including frequent hand washing are reiterated among food staff. Masks and face shields as well as other protective equipment such as gloves are also worn by food servers and staff for safety and sanitation. When the diners are done, the crew takes over to properly disinfect the area for the next customer.

As far as socializing is concerned, customers are encouraged to eat quickly as well as to clean-as-you-go afterwards.

Available for dine in and take out: Goldilocks, Lugang Cafe, Mos Burger, Brownies Unlimited, Ramen Nagi and French Baker



Extended Dining Spaces at The Atrium

In time of the new normal, one of the more innovative ideas offered by SM Supermalls for physical distancing is turning their huge spaces into alternative dining halls. Spaces like atriums, once used for programs and entertainment, have been set-up with tables for dining with a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Sumptuous offerings of Mesa and Genki Sushi

SM Megamall have also created fun and safe extended dining areas for everyone. At the mall atrium, you can enjoy delicious fare from crowd favorites such as Mesa and Genki Sushi. Dine your to-go meals and capture your snaps for Instagram-worthy dining moments with your friends and family, while being socially distant, at The Glass Garden located at the 2nd level of the Mega Atrium.

Here at The Glass Garden, Respira has provided the lush greens to give this indoor venue an outdoor feel.

Diners can choose from participating restaurants to have the food served at the glass houses. Please note that only one couple is allowed in each glass house. To reserve a slot in one of the four glass houses, fill out the form at and wait for the confirmation of your booking. The Glass Garden is available from February 1 – 14.

Bloggers and social media influencers rediscover the joy of dining at The Glass Garden in Mega Atrium.


All these measures being implemented at dining establishments, food merchants, food halls and extended dining spaces are all part of SM Supermalls’ efforts to promote safety while still having a delightful dining experience in all its malls, just like SM Megamall.

Indeed, safe #DineInAtSMMegamall is really possible!

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Written by dotdailydose

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