Mestiza Soap: How A Classic Continues To Stand The Test of Time

Certain brands are meant to stand the test of time—that’s just the power of a good product.

For Mestiza users, holding on to a classic is based on the simple fact that it works. It’s a beauty secret that gets passed on from one generation to the next because it stays true to its organic origins and it can be trusted to live up to its promises—even as it commits to evolve with new generations of Mestiza users with each passing year.

Creating a skincare means constantly keeping up with the modern ideals and needs of its users. This is why Mestiza continues to grow the brand to reflect their values and direction. The brand’s revamp of their iconic packaging is a testament to this vision. With the intent to always give more to their loyal customers, each bar now also comes with an additional five grams. Best of all, you can still get your favorite Mestiza Soap for the same price: P58 for the Original 125-gram variant and P89 for the Prime 125-gram variant.

#BeauTalk with Dra. Sarah A. Barba-Cabodil—an Aesthetic Dermatologist and President of Philippine Anti-aging Medicine and Clinical Aesthetics and Miss Earth Philippines-Water 2020 Gianna Llanes

Down the line, fans of the product can also expect the brand to expand their skincare line and offer products that continue to inspire confidence among Mestiza users. Their efforts are reinforced by their advocacy of creating a platform that allows Mestiza users to learn more about skincare. #BeauTalk, which airs every Friday at 4:30PM on the Mestiza Philippines Facebook page is hosted by the esteemed Dra. Sarah A. Barba-Cabodil—an Aesthetic Dermatologist and President of Philippine Anti-aging Medicine and Clinical Aesthetics. The program hopes to address the most pressing questions users have about skin care and share the long-held ideals of the brand to a new audience.

Of course, a big part of Mestiza being a timeless product is its ability to deliver real results. And through every innovation it introduces, each bar will still be anchored on its carefully chosen botanicals and fruits, and still be produced using their cutting-edge cold process manufacturing method that preserves all the benefits of its all-natural ingredients.

“We know consumers are becoming even more conscious of what ingredients go into their productions. They’re more informed and more aware of how brands demonstrate their commitment to their values and mission. We want to stay true to that so that Mestiza users continue to trust us to take care of their skin,” ends Catherine Salimbangon, President and CEO of Organique Skincare Inc.

Mestiza Soap is available in Mercury Drugstore, Robinsons Supermarket, Watsons and Lazada. Visit  https://mestiza.com.ph/ for more information.




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