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HABI Holidays: Turn the season of giving into a season of community

Christmas is just right around the corner. While large gatherings and get-togethers may still not be an option for most of us, there are other ways to make the holiday season more meaningful and exciting.

From November 23 to December 6, will open its doors once again to showcase sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle products from various weaving communities all over the country. With the Likhang HABI Online Holiday Fair, the season of giving turns into a season of community.

“We were delighted with the support for the first online edition of Likhang HABI Market Fair and for our local weavers and artisans,” says HABI president Adelaida Lim. “It inspired us even more to push for our goals at HABI to promote and sustain our local textile industry.”

Kat Palasi of Abek Home & Culture described her experience at the first online HABI Fair as a good kind of adventure. She said, “Going digital is quite difficult at first but you never know who finds you and who you will find. It’s a fun adventure!”

 The website allows more people not just in the country but also in other parts of the world to support the Philippine weaving community and to contribute to the livelihood of local weavers and craftsmen.

“The HABI website is a great opportunity for all weavers and designers. Just as a weaver combines threads, HABI is connecting us producers to a market that helps make our businesses viable,” says Siegrid Bangyay of Sagada Pottery, one of the participating vendors for HABI Holidays.


HABI Holidays gift ideas

For the holiday season, will offer a wide variety of skillfully made local products – from fashion and lifestyle pieces to pottery and homeware – that will surely make this season of community more thoughtful and meaningful. Here below are some great holiday gifts that you will find on the HABI website.

HABI the Philippine Textile Council, a non-profit organization, is an advocacy group that aims to preserve, promote and enhance Philippine Textiles through education, communication, and research using public and private resources. We are all about sustaining weaving communities all over the country.




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