Allianz Receives Top Honors at IABC’s 17th Quill Awards

Allianz Philippines’ efforts at employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, and special and experiential events were honored at the 17th Philippine Quill Awards.

The Philippine Quill is a prestigious awards program that honors the most reputable organizations and corporations for their “excellent communication to achieve business goals, and to make a difference in society.”

Gae Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer, Allianz PNB Life

“These awards show our commitment to empowering our workforce and the communities we serve to overcome the challenges that come their way. We at Allianz are very honored that our efforts have been recognized,” said Allianz Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Gae Martinez.

Allianz received top honors for its Dare 2 Be Fit in the Employee Engagement category, Project Sanlahi for the Corporate Social Responsibility category, and Day of Courage for the Special and Experiential Events category.

Through its Dare 2 Be Fit project, Allianz encouraged its employees to participate in physical and mental challenges that included CSR activities. Its main objective is to help enhance their health and wellbeing and, at the same time, promote team spirit and create an overall positive impact in society. Through the project, Allianz emphasized that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. At the same time, it showed that a socially conscious workforce is not just beneficial for the company, but to society as a whole. While it started out as fitness challenge among employees, it eventually became a company-wide program that encouraged employees to be good to their overall health and well-being and, and likewise make worthwhile contributions to the community.

Allianz PNB Life representatives present during the 17th Philippine Quill Awards (L-R) Ej Salazar, Customer Strategy Officer; Atty. Amor Datinguinoo, General Counsel and Data Protection Officer; Chris Cabognason, Chief Distribution Officer; Gae Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer; Patricia Ansay, Communications Specialist; and Marjowyn Vito, Business Development Officer.

Its Project Sanlahi, meanwhile, celebrated the strength of indigenous peoples, particularly the Aetas of Porac, Pampanga, by introducing them to the rising sport of obstacle course racing (OCR) and giving them the opportunity to learn about financial literacy. As most of the Aetas expressed interest in pursuing professions outside their community, the OCR and financial literacy activities showed that they can move forward and have a better life for themselves and their family. Through Project Sanlahi, Allianz likewise showed the importance of social inclusion, that one can pursue one’s dream no matter what his or her present circumstances are.

Allianz representatives receiving the Award of Excellence for Project Sanlahi under the Corporate Social Responsibility category (L-R) Patricia Ansay, Communications Specialist; Marjowyn Vito, Business Development Officer; Chris Cabognason, Chief Distribution Officer; Gae Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer; Atty. Amor Datinguinoo, General Counsel and Data Protection Officer; and Ej Salazar, Customer Strategy Officer

The Day of Courage project involved the holding of three different events on the same day with the unified message of encouraging people to have a better life by living it with courage. These included the Heart Run in partnership with the Philippine Heart Association; The Allianz Conquer Challenge, an obstacle course racing activity in partnership with Conquer Challenge Philippines; and the Bayanihan Walk for Filipinos in Singapore.

“As our tagline goes, ‘We dare you to, because we’re with you.’ We came up with these activities with this in mind, and we’ll continue to create more projects like these that would benefit society at large,” Martinez said.


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