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Good Boys Starts Screening Exclusively in SM Cinema

Forget about cookie-cutter, general patronage coming-of-age movies for a while and give SM Cinema Exclusive-Good Boys a go.

Imagine three 12-year-old boys cursing and exploring toys not applicable for their age embarking on a misadventure that brings them to a realization that indeed they are transitioning from kids to teenagers.

Good Boys, a film co-produced by Seth Rogen is a relatable yet funny telling of how we all entered into adolescence.

Excited to attend their very first kissing party, the boys’ eagerness to research on how to pucker up brings pushes them to skip school and embark on adventures and misadventures that brings them to a handful of encounters with “adult stuff.”

With Good Boys, SM Cinema promises to take its moviegoers back their own childhood’s adventures and explorations in a hilarious and fun manner.

SM Cinema exclusively offers Good Boys at its 64 branches nationwide including Director’s Club Cinema starting August 28. And with a wide variety of cinema friendly munchies from Snack Time including popcorn, hotdog sandwiches and burgers, going to the movies becomes even more enjoyable. Follow /SnackTimeOfficial on Facebook for more information.




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