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Max's Calls for a Different Kind of New Year Resolution in New Video

The New Year has become synonymous to resolutions, which are promises one makes to himself in hopes of becoming a better person. This 2019, however, Max’s Restaurant encourages everyone to start the year with a different kind of resolution, one that involves opening up one’s heart and mind to Every Kind of Family.   
Inspired by real-life people and historical events, Max’s Restaurant’s new video called “Resolutions” starts by showing various conflicts from all around the world, from different walks of life. The conflicts are told in a subtle manner, using symbols and context clues to highlight the tension. It then beautifully transitions to flashing scenes of how these conflicts are resolved, featuring people of different colors, races, values, and beliefs coming together for peace-building and in the name of family. This is what the well-loved brand means with the word “resolutions.”
“’Resolutions’ is not about highlighting what separates us, but putting value to the possibility of forming new relationships even with the most unlikely of people by simply looking beyond differences,” said Paolo Serrano, National Business Unit Head for Max’s Restaurant. “We hope that with this new material, we are able to inspire everyone to reflect, rethink, and rewrite their New Year’s resolutions, leading them to spread positivity, show love and respect to others, and celebrate families, formed whether by blood or by bond, or in this case, by unlikely circumstances.”
 If you haven’t seen Max’s Restaurant’s latest video, watch it here:

New Year is for Resolutions

New Year is for Resolutions#EveryKindOfFamily #EveryDayToTheMax

Posted by Max's Restaurant on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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