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IWG opens Spaces in the Philippines

The employee’s wellness and work environment can affect their productivity in work. Fortunately, starting this October, an international co-working space brand that promises unique environment and inspiring community has reached the Philippine archipelago – Spaces.     
In conjunction with its 10th anniversary, global serviced offices and co-working spaces provider International Workplace Group (IWG) recently launched the flagship property of Spaces at the World Plaza in Bonifacio Global City.

The number of co-working spaces in the world has grown significantly in recent years. Hailing from Amsterdam, Spaces is the newest addition for the Philippines’ growing community of freelancers, business owners, startup executives, creative entrepreneurs and media who prefer flexible and creative workspace.

“There are lots of co-working Spaces in Philippines and we are proud to be one of the choices,” Spaces Country Head Lars Wittig said.

Spaces offers 3,200 sqm workplace that features meeting pods, private rooms, phone booths, barista-style coffee bar and a panoramic views of the city that is  source of natural light during the day.

“Having been built on the idea that success breeds success, Spaces is the choice of workspace where the power to break barriers is right within you, as our on-site community management team meets every need you can possibly imagine, freeing you to set your ideas on fire as you operate your business. There is little need to keep an after-six calendar. In Spaces, we encourage the millennial to seek the advice of the masters and for these seasoned practitioners to look at the up and coming generation as their partners. For the past ten years, Spaces has inspired corporate shakers, business nomads, freelancers, energetic entrepreneurs, international workers, mobile movers, project teams, start-ups and well-established companies,” Wittig added.

The workplace of an employees is often link to their productivity. A study conducted by IWG revealed that in the Philippines, business competitiveness improves by 94% as well as productivity by 93%, with flexible work arrangements. Wittig added, “Spaces will be the connector. And to be an effective one, we have to spearhead community-building that goes beyond comfort and convenience. We have to be at the forefront of uniting these businesses to support their creation of an inclusive ecosystem and make it more viable.”

Wittig stresses that everyone that occupies Spaces is important. Spaces values people and ideas and has been redefining the way work is done. He said, “With a high growth of interest in the local scene, there is no doubt that this is just the beginning for Manila’s own community of thinkers, achievers and imaginers to come together and create ripples.”



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