Huawei P20 Monochrome and Night Modes

The Huawei P20 series boasts one of the best cameras ever put in a smartphone. And learning how to exploit its best camera features is just a pure joy.

Of course, we all know by now that Huawei P20 phones feature an all-new Leica dual camera, which features one color sensor, and one monochrome sensor. The color sensor is 12 megapixels, while the monochrome sensor is 20 megapixels. It has a great camera with some unusual talents.
Along with the dual Leica lens setup, there’s also the option to shoot in raw format, use manual controls and other interesting features such as Monochrome and “Night Mode”.

Monochrome Mode utilizes the specific monochrome sensor that the P20 offers, to give black and white images. And just like previous Huawei phones with cameras co-engineered by Leica, the photos it takes look better, sharper, and more detailed than those achieved by applying a filter. With this you can still use “Pro” mode, but you can’t shoot in raw format – being as this mode is using a mono-only sensor, you wouldn’t be able to retrieve color information even if you could shoot in raw format, though.
Meanwhile, Night Mode allows you to shoot handheld low-light shots. Night mode, which under normal circumstances would need the use of a tripod, or risk incredibly blurry photos. With the P20, a shutter speed of up to six seconds can be deployed, and you can actually see the image “building up” on the screen – you don’t need a tripod to steady the camera. Well, the P20 uses artificial intelligence and some excellent stabilization techniques to eliminate blur when shooting hand held. Nevertheless, you can also select an ISO and a shutter speed yourself.

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