Padilla Brothers Renew Contract with Bravo

Men encounter both physical and psychological stress. Physical stress from work, daily traffic, tight deadlines and schedules, immediate demands and necessities of their family, personal problems and many others make men feel tired and drained every day.

The result is, arriving home from work, rest and sleep is all that matters, they tend to lose touch with their wives, which if not prevented can cause not just emotional problems for both parties but a situation that can lead to the breakdown of their relationship.

Physical and psychological stress can decrease libido or sexual desire, which is very important in any intimate relationship between married couples. Metabolic Syndrome such as Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Obesity, and Diabetes are also causes of Erectile Dysfunction for middle aged and older men considering the physical and psychological pressure they are experiencing. These conditions affect the ability of men to “keep it up” and be able to satisfy his partner and himself.

Bravo Bagsik Mo!

Along with the product’s contents and benefits, Robin and Rommel discuss the true essence and definition of a certified Bravo Man in the recent contract renewal signing event.

Last August 2016, Bravo Dietary Supplement for Men was launched in the market to address the challenges to men’s masculinity and virility. With Robin and Rommel Padilla as celebrity endorsers, Bravo was introduced as dietary supplement that can help and aid men achieved fulfilment and sustained bedroom experience with his partner.

Known for the outmost respect, love, care and understanding they project towards women, the Padilla Brothers embody Bravo Dietary Supplement for Men’s brand promise: “Mabagsik”.

Broom! Broom!

According to Gil Caoile, Corp. Business Development Manager of Kaufmann Pharma Inc., Bravo is a dietary supplement that can give you an outstanding performance in bed and be able to satisfy their partner.

Each 500mg capsule of Bravo contains Maca Root Extract that helps increase fertility, Jathropha that improves sexual performance by helping sustain a powerful erection, and Corynaea Crassa, a Peruvian aphrodisiac that increases libido and is commonly known as the “Peruvian Viagra”. These all-natural ingredients can help men deliver an outstanding performance.

Robin Padilla said, the best thing about this supplement was it is made by 100% natural ingredients and 0 % synthetic. But he also emphasized that, Bravo is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat symptoms of any disease.

 Being  the most undisputed appropriate face of a certified Bravo Man, the Padilla Brothers renew contract with Bravo. Also in the photo is Mr. German Panghulan, Chief Executive Officer of KAUFMANN PHARMA, INC.

After their sharing about how Bravo can be useful in a maintaining healthy relationship, the faces of Bravo had their contract renewed with the bosses behind the food supplement.

Bravo is recommended for men, not just for those who experience erectile dysfunction.

“Do not let stress ruin your self-confidence, maintain and enrich the union between you and your wife, take one Bravo capsule 1-2 hours before an anticipated intimate contact. Bravo brings out the best in men thru a relentless and passionate performance thereby achieving total satisfaction,” Mr. Caoile concluded.

Bravo Dietary Supplement for Men is available at any Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide at P90.00 per capsule SRP. Bravo! Iba ang Bagsik Mo!

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