Discovering the Journey of These Multifaceted Individuals with Their OPPO Find N3 Flip

Dary Chang, Pam Quiñones, and Vince Uy talk about the stylish and functional capabilities of OPPO’s flagship flip phone

OPPO made a triumphant return in the flip phone market last year with the OPPO Find N3 Flip. It marked another groundbreaking move from the smartphone brand as it brought various industry-first features to consumers – a triple camera system with a Hasselblad-branded telephoto lens, long-lasting battery life, and improved cover screen capabilities.

The device excels in both portability and functionality. Its compact design fits snugly in the palm when folded and easily slips into shirt pockets, reducing the risk of theft. The enhanced cover screen offers access to popular apps like Netflix and YouTube, enabling users to multitask without fully opening the device. These are only some of its top features.  Since its release, more and more individuals across different industries have been sharing their journeys with this reliable foldable phone from OPPO.


Standout Impressions: The Most Noteworthy Features of the OPPO Find N3 Flip

The clamshell-like device from OPPO won over enthusiasts with its dependable performance and versatility.

According to creative director and entrepreneur Vince Uy, the fusion of style and dependability in the OPPO Find N3 Flip is what he loved about the device. “As a tech geek that’s so much into fashion, the form + function combination is what really impressed me the most.” he shared. “I love taking photos and documenting all forms of inspiration around me, that’s why now that I have more options to shoot myself and various subjects, my creativity and point of view is constantly being challenged.”

Another standout feature that people loved from the OPPO Find N3 Flip is the industry-first camera setup. Noted stylist and Billboard Magazine fashion director Daryl Chang noted, “It’s the first triple camera set-up on a flip phone, co-engineered with Hasselblad. Shooting with the OPPO Find N3 Flip is a very different and imaginative way for me to create new images.”

With this setup, Vince said there are so many possibilities for you to level up your mobile photography. “I have a main camera, wide-angle camera, and telephoto camera all-in-one, and the cover screen that doubles as a viewfinder in framing all my photos gives me a more considered approach to photography,” he adds.

Known celebrity stylist and VOGUE fashion director Pam Quiñones detailed most of the features she loves from the OPPO Find N3 Flip, “I adore the large main screen with its creaseless feature. The size allows me to enjoy movies while on the go. When snapped, the size is so compact that it can fit my micro bags, my accessory of choice.” This proves that you don’t have to compromise functionality for style. “Overall, the N3 Flip just looks really chic with its retro modern design in pearl colorway. I frequently snap my phone on my belt, pocket or bag handle and it doubles as an accessory.”


Navigating Daily Life: OPPO Find N3 Flip’s Uniqueness Reshapes User Interaction

Convenience is something that you should get from your mobile device to maximize its usage. For the OPPO Find N3 Flip, this feature comes in many ways to let users streamline their daily tasks and offer the best phone performance. Vince detailed, “Its convenience has changed the way I interact with smartphones. The typical smartphone screen tends to be too distracting and glaring. The OPPO Find N3 Flip’s cover screen is big enough that I get to access all my essential apps and yet small enough that it’s not visually distracting. The best part is the rapid replies (being able to reply to messages without the need to flip open my phone).”

Daryl also shared firsthand experience with his device, “It folds to fit, so I can easily bring it in my pocket or my smallest handbag. Mini apps are on the cover screen, supporting my essentials: Gmail, Google Maps, Telegram, and even Netflix, so I can check my mail, navigate, message, and even watch movies without flipping open my phone. Camera-wise, it has gesture controls that trigger the camera shutter, allowing me to set it up anywhere and take photos without needing anyone else to do it for me.”

Daryl has made sure to maximize the OPPO Find N3 Flip’s imaging setup. “The ability of the Find N3 Flip to preview all poses before capturing the shot, grants me unprecedented creative control over compositions and I find myself using it every chance I get. The pre-set interval shooting in the camera settings which allows me to customize intervals with a variable number of shots leaves me hands-free to create images in timed bursts—is a convenience I appreciate in creative shoots. And the flip shape itself is an unobtrusive way to get multi-angle captures from low to high, giving me a dynamic platform for full artistic expression.


From Work to Play: The OPPO Find N3 Flip’s Contribution to Streamlining Daily Tasks

The OPPO Find N3 Flip proved its capability in helping professionals like Daryl when with their daily tasks and activities. “The true test has always been when I’m traveling, as my phone doubles as my eye, capturing new food, places, and experiences—in stills and videos,” said Daryl. “This means my phone battery needs to keep up! The Find N3 Flip lasts more than 24 hours and, when needed, charges super fast—about the same time as it takes for me to order and finish a cup of tea.”

Pam agrees by adding, “There is a stark difference with the Find N3 Flip’s industry-leading battery life and SUPERVOOC flash charging performance compared to conventional smartphones. I charge my phone at night and can go the whole day without the need to juice up. That’s pretty useful for someone who does most of her work on her phone.”

Another thing to note are the features included in the device. “One of my most used phone features is Keep Notes. I use it as my journal and my notepad for when I need to illustrate drawings for work. A lot of random visual references with corresponding notes are saved there.” Pam shared.

Meanwhile, Vince praised the functionality of the cover screen, “It’s convenience has changed that way I interact with smartphones. The typical smartphone screen tends to be too distracting and glaring. The OPPO Find N3 Flip’s cover screen is big enough thatI get to access all my essential apps and yet small enough that it’s not visually distracting. The best part is the rapid replies (being able to reply to messages without the need to flip open my phone).”


Don’t Miss Out and Get Your Own OPPO Find N3 Flip Today!

The OPPO Find N3 Flip combines durability with premium design, flagship performance, and user-friendly software that guarantees a seamless experience for every user. It is available in two captivating colors: Cream Gold and Sleek Black for only Php 64,999 at authorized OPPO stores nationwide and through official OPPO stores on  TikTok, Shopee, and Lazada.

New OPPO Find N3 Flip users can redeem exclusive benefits via the MyOPPO app from partners such as Pretty Huge Obstacles, PAGSS Premium Lounge, Estée Lauder, Origins, or Clinique, The Spa Wellness, CUL-DE-SAC and AKIMBO.


Learn more about the new OPPO Find N3 Flip by visiting or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.

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