Tala by Kyla, Rosenda Casaje’s Gorgeous Glow, and Livestreamer Raynard Yu spill secrets on how Shopee Live became a gamechanger to their e-commerce success

Within the landscape of e-commerce, live-selling platforms have become pivotal in reshaping how sellers connect with consumers. Shopee Live, a dynamic and interactive live-streaming feature, has emerged as a game-changer, allowing Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to extend their reach and foster engaging shopping experiences. We spoke with three notable KOLs who have harnessed the transformative power of Shopee Live to learn more about their success. Their journeys unfold as a testament to the platform’s ability to empower local entrepreneurs, drive growth, and create meaningful connections in the vibrant world of online commerce. 


Kyla Cañete – Tala by Kyla: A Five-Year Success Journey on Shopee

Kyla Cañete, the creative mind behind Tala by Kyla, a brand synonymous with quality and affordable trendy accessories, shares her journey of five years with Shopee. Recognizing the platform’s convenience and reach, Tala by Kyla found a home on Shopee, catering to the surging demand for its products. Shopee’s Affiliate Program and Livestreams played a crucial role, offering additional income sources and amplifying brand visibility.

In conjunction with the recent 9.9 Super Shopping Day, Tala by Kyla experienced record-breaking traffic peaks during a stream this September, with a notable uplift of unique views by 1.4 times. She also recorded the highest number of orders through this 9.9 stream, generating over 1.5 times sales compared to a usual day.

“Our customers grew with us, and Shopee played a big role in that. The Affiliate Program and Livestreams were beneficial, enabling us to reach new customers and showcase our pieces more creatively.”

Kyla emphasized that marketing accessories presents a unique challenge, as customers often prefer a hands-on experience before making a purchase. With this, Shopee Live proved invaluable, particularly during the pandemic, providing a virtual showroom where customers could witness the accessories being worn and interacted with. This personalized touch allowed customers to visualize how the products complement their style, overcoming the barrier of traditional in-store experiences.


Rosenda Casaje – How She Expanded Her Sales Across Regions with Shopee Live

As an influencer with a growing online presence, Rosenda Casaje recognized the transformative power of Shopee Live. Initially, Rosenda started selling on her website, but it wasn’t until she joined Shopee in 2021 that her sales skyrocketed. In December of that year, her sales reached an impressive peak of approximately 4 million pesos. Her performance only continued to improve in 2022, with the highest sales achieved in March, totaling around 14.5 million pesos. The interactive live-streaming feature became a platform for her to connect with a broader audience and offer entertaining shopping experiences. Through engaging in live-streamed sessions on Shopee Live, she has effectively transcended geographical constraints, connecting with consumers from various regions across the Philippines and nurturing a strong sense of community.

One of Rosenda’s recent accomplishments was achieving almost twice the number of orders and overall sales in a single stream, compared to her monthly average. Her journey with Shopee Live is an inspiring testament to how local entrepreneurs can leverage these platforms to significantly enhance their business prospects. “Shopee Live has truly changed my life, and I am committed to giving back in small ways, whether through giveaways on my livestream or any possible means, as a way of expressing my gratitude for everything that Shopee Live has given me,” Rosenda shares.


Raynard Yu – Shopee Idol and the King of Branded Livestreams

Raynard Yu, a travel and lifestyle influencer, model, and host, embarked on his Shopee Live journey during the early days of the pandemic. Despite initial reservations, Raynard’s leap of faith turned into a thriving career. From being one of the first KOLs to be tapped for branded live streams to hosting successful fundraising sessions, Raynard has become a Shopee Live sensation. “Shopee Live provided me with opportunities to work with big brands, a platform to reach a wider audience, and a means to monetize on my unique skill set.” As one of the pioneers in livestream hosting, Raynard quickly became a favorite amongst brands for their Shopee Live executions, earning him the moniker “King of Branded Livestreams” by the Shopee community. Beyond sales, Raynard also once hosted a fundraising livestream for typhoon victims encouraging viewers to purchase donation vouchers through various Shopee parter charities, raising more than 20K pesos in one session.

Raynard also achieved a significant milestone recently by setting a new personal record for the highest number of orders in a single stream in September. This was a whopping 5 times increase compared to his previous record of the highest orders recorded in 2022. Raynard underscores the power of authenticity in his Shopee Live sessions, emphasizing the genuine feedback and opinions he shares when promoting products or brands. He prioritizes meaningful collaborations, aiming to authentically express brand love during his streams. His recent success story includes achieving the highest revenue sales for a brand’s livestream executions, doubling the previous record held by bigger names and celebrities that the brand has previously tapped to host.

Raynard encourages brands to look beyond mere views and followers, stressing the importance of a KOL’s genuine representation of the brand. He also highlights the essential aspects of mounting successful livestreams beyond clout, such as ensuring product availability, properly addressing customer queries and concerns, offering livestream exclusive promos, and strategic timing aligned with shopping trends. This showcases how Shopee Live provides a platform for authentic engagement and impactful collaborations between influencers and brands.


In the vibrant world of Shopee Live, these success stories showcase the platform’s capacity to revolutionize e-commerce, making it a dynamic space for sellers and buyers alike. With Shopee Live, it empowers local sellers, enabling them to transcend geographical boundaries and engage with a diverse audience.

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