Herbalife Fit Fest 2023 Inspires Community to Live a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

On a sunny Saturday morning, the Marikina Sports Complex came alive with the vibrant energy of health enthusiasts, fitness seekers, and wellness champions. Herbalife Fit Fest 2023, a remarkable fusion of health, fun, and community, set the stage for an unforgettable experience for all who attended. Hosted by Herbalife, a premier health and wellness company, the event marked the beginning of the annual Live Your Best Life Herbalife Run 2023, a running and walking app-based activity designed to bring together Filipinos in pursuit of a healthy active lifestyle.

What makes Herbalife Run 2023 truly exceptional is its app-based, virtual format. Participants have the freedom to run or walk from any location, at any time throughout the month of November. Whether you prefer the comfort of a treadmill, the exploration of your local neighborhood, or the exhilaration of discovering scenic trails, the Herbalife Run caters to all preferences. It’s a celebration of individualized fitness, emphasizing that health is a personal journey.

The Herbalife Fit Fest encompasses a wide array of activities, each contributing to the event’s overarching theme of holistic health. Participants had the chance to kick off the day with “Shake to the Groove,” a group dance session designed to get hearts pumping and feet moving. The atmosphere was electric as attendees grooved to trendy dance steps, uniting in the joy of movement.

“Herbalife Fit Fest 2023 exemplifies the community-based approach we adopt to help people live a healthy, active lifestyle, together with our distributors,” says Allan Domingo, General Manager of Herbalife Philippines.  “We hope to encourage people to kickstart a journey to health and wellness through fun and engaging activities such as this, whilst helping them foster supportive communities along the way.”

Booth games added a fun and competitive element to the day, with activities like “tic tac go,” “buzz and shake,” “healthy toss,” and a wellness evaluation area where participants’ current health status were assessed by Herbalife independent distributors.

For those seeking a more intense workout, CrossFit workouts and dedicated football areas provided opportunities to break a sweat and test physical limits. And let’s not forget the youngest members of the community—the special Kids Corner was customized for children’s activities, nurturing a future generation of wellness enthusiasts.

The Herbalife Fit Fest spirit will continue to spread its wings across the Philippines, with upcoming events in Davao City on November 5, Cagayan de Oro on November 11, and Cebu on November 18, 2023. Each regional event promises to bring the same sense of unity and commitment to fitness and wellness.

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