A redefined training experience is here at Kinetix+

Kinetix+ lies at the heart of Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati. The luxury boutique gym stands as a beacon of opulence, seamlessly merging fitness, wellness, and sophistication. Every facet of the experience is meticulously curated to enhance the journey of its valued clientele.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll notice the careful attention given to the gym’s interior and ambiance. The fusion of opulence and functionality creates an immersive atmosphere that complements your aspirations. Here, each workout becomes a step toward personal evolution and well-being.

Kinetix+ redefines the fitness experience with a revolutionary approach to interiors, lighting, and scents. Every element is thoughtfully designed to influence the body’s response and stimulus, enhancing each member’s transformative journey.

With carefully curated lighting mirroring natural rhythms, synchronized soundscapes, and scentscape zoning, Kinetix+ creates an immersive atmosphere where every workout becomes purposeful and energizing. It’s more than a gym; it’s a sensory journey towards personal evolution and well-being.

Kinetix+ takes a personalized approach to fitness and wellness. Highly-certified coaches craft fitness plans tailored to each client’s unique goals and needs. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, these coaches guide and support individuals throughout their journey, ensuring that every workout is purposeful and effective.

Complementing the coaching team, skilled physiotherapists at Kinetix+ prioritize a holistic approach to injury prevention and recovery. Through specialized treatments, they meticulously address individual needs, ensuring optimal physical health. Their expertise extends beyond rehabilitation, fostering lasting wellness.

Kinetix+ is a place where luxury meets fitness, where wellness is nurtured, and where personal evolution is the goal. Kinetix+ offers a holistic approach to fitness and well-being that goes beyond the physical. It’s a testament to the idea that fitness is not just about working out but about transforming your entire lifestyle.

Unlock your full potential and have a redefined training experience at Kinetix+. It’s more than a gym; it’s a lifestyle.

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