5 Reasons to Consider Staying at Citadines Benavidez Makati

I had a brilliant weekend at the Citadines Benavidez Makati, yes, I would definitely stay again, and I highly recommend it to you!

A serviced apartment hotel, also known as an extended stay apartment, is a type of accommodation that combines the features of a traditional hotel with the comforts of a furnished apartment. Serviced apartments are designed for both short-term and long-term stays, making them a popular choice for various types of travelers, including tourists, business professionals, and families.

Staying in apartment hotels, like Citadines, can offer several advantages compared to traditional hotels. If you are unfamiliar with Citadines, Citadines is a brand of this type of accommodation operated by The Ascott Limited, a global hospitality company. They offer apartment hotels around the world and their focus is offering the best living experiences!

I juist checked into the recently-opened Citadines Benavidez Makati to experience the newest addition to the Citadines Apart’hotel portfolio in the Philippines.

Benavidez in Makati is the newest addition to their portfolio which is a brilliantly central location in Makati without being too central! And because this is such a new property to the Citadines portfolio, it looks very exciting and it shows in the fresh decor of the Apart’hotel and in the hip neighborhood it is located in.

Here are some reasons why you might consider staying at the latest Citadines property in Makati:

1. Spacious Accommodations: Citadines Benavidez Makati is typically more spacious than standard hotel rooms. This can be especially comforting if you’re staying for an extended period, as it allows you to settle in and make the space your own. This can also make your stay more comfortable, especially if you’re traveling with family or planning an extended stay. By the way, this property has around 200 units in various sizes.

2. Home-Like Comfort: Designed like a home away from home, each unit at Citadines Benavidez Makati is designed to provide a home-like atmosphere. The extra space can be particularly beneficial if you prefer having separate living and sleeping areas. Citadines properties also come with well-equipped kitchens or fully functional kitchenettes. This allows you to prepare your meals, saving you money on dining out and giving you the flexibility to cook according to your dietary preferences. Plus, you can make the most of your weekends with your furry friend as Citadines also offers select pet-friendly rooms.

Citadines Benavidez Makati offers a few different room types but no matter the type they all have a beautiful interior with air conditioning, private bathroom with a shower, large bed, flat-screen TV, a seating area and a fully-equipped kitchen (and yes, with cookware, dinnerware and utensils).

3. Amenities: Aside from the units that give you above-and-beyond the usual bed and bathroom, Citadines Benavidez Makati offer amenities such as 24-hour reception, housekeeping services, Wi-Fi, function room, fitness room, swimming pool and guess what, a laundry facility! These amenities ensure comfort and convenience, enhancing your overall experience during your stay.

4. Central Location: Apartment hotels can be found in a variety of locations, including city centers, residential areas, and business districts. This allows you to choose a location that suits your needs and preferences. Citadines Benavidez Makati is located in prime city-center, business district location, providing a productive and comfortable work environment. This makes them convenient for both business travelers and intrepid tourists.

Citadines Benavidez Makati is in Legazpi Village; very near and accessible to Greenbelt and it’s so easy to get around Makati from. We went to Primal Brew for afternoon snack, enjoyed a quick 2AM meal at the nearby Uncle John’s which is also few steps from Chang Tai resto where we had dinner, and walked down to Legazpi Sunday Market before our late check out.

5. Flexibility: Just like any ASR-managed serviced apartments, Citadines Benavidez Makati also caters to guests who may have varying schedules. They offer flexibility in terms of the length of your stay, whether you’re staying for a few days or several months. They also cater to corporate travelers. If you’re in town for business, they may offer special packages or services designed to meet your needs.

Also, if you frequently stay at Citadines or other Ascott Limited properties, you can take advantage of their loyalty program to earn rewards and enjoy discounts on future stays.

Citadines Benavidez Makati is very suitable for a wide range of clients, including tourists looking for a home-away-from-home experience, business travelers needing extended stay options, families desiring extra space and amenities, or even leisure guests seeking for a relaxing weekend. And while Citadines hotels are generally considered mid-range to upscale, they can offer good value for the amenities and space they provide, especially when compared to traditional hotels in some cities.

With the property now completed and ready for occupancy, Citadines Benavidez Makati is Ascott’s 6th Citadines property in the country and is located at 110 Benavidez St., Legazpi Village, Makati City. To know more about know more about Citadines Benavidez Makati, visit here and to keep up with news and updates about the property, see their official social media pages: Facebook and Instagram

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