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Sparkling Appliances Discounts to End Your Summer with a Splash

Summer is almost over, and you’re probably looking to get one last splash out of your summer. Well, we’ve got some awesome news for you! We have discounted appliances that will help you end your summer with a splash.

If you’re looking to get a new water purifier or air conditioner, or even just want a new refrigerator, then look no further than Sparkling Appliances. We’ve got all the best deals on appliances this summer!

So keep reading to learn about these amazing deals and save some money on the items in your kitchen this summer!


1.  Whirlpool 6WM24NIHAS Inverter Multi Door Refrigerator

You are having a hard time choosing the right refrigerator for your kitchen because there are too many options, and you don’t know how to find the best one. You’re in luck because the Whirlpool Inverter Multi-Door Refrigerator is part of our Splash and Sparkle promo!

It is originally priced at 94,998 PHP, but you can get it for 15% off! Imagine saving 14,000 PHP, while getting a FREE Dowell JE-832 Juice Extractor and FREE shipping in the National Capital Region and Rizal area. Besides the attractive offers from Robinsons Appliances, what makes this product stand out?

The Whirlpool 6WM24NIHAS refrigerator is an excellent choice for any kitchen with its 24 cu. ft. capacity, which can hold plenty of food and beverages for you and your family!  Equipped with 6th Sense™ Technology, it has smart built-in sensors that detect the internal food load and ambient temperature, enabling the refrigerator to adapt accordingly.

Furthermore, the FlexiFreeze Technology allows you to select the appropriate temperature level for storing different types of food: Deep Freeze, Mild Freeze, or Soft Freeze.

All these high-tech features, combined with Zen Inverter Technology, enable you to consume 50% less energy, thereby providing long-lasting food freshness at the lowest possible cost.


2. Sharp SJ-FTG15BVP-BK Two Door Refrigerator

Originally priced at 44,998 PHP, the Sharp 2-Door No Frost Inverter Refrigerator is a great choice for anyone looking for an energy efficient refrigerator that doesn’t sacrifice style. It features a black stainless steel exterior, so it will make any kitchen look luxurious. For a limited time, you can get it for less than 9,000.00 PHP OFF! That’s 20% of savings, plus a FREE shipping feature for residents in the NCR and Rizal area.

Features include an Ion Technology, which provides an ideal solution that helps keep your stock fresh and healthy by eliminating microorganism buildup. You can also experience faster cooling while saving energy consumption at the same time with the J-Tech Inverter. It allows you to cool and chill your food and beverages at a faster rate while consuming less energy, allowing you to save more.

The Ag+Nano Deodorizer suppresses bacteria and germs while eliminating odor in the refrigerator after cool air goes through it. It works in conjunction with Ion Technology to keep the food and refrigerator fresh.

If those aren’t enough to convince you to buy, you can get it for only 35,998.00 PHP until May 31, 2023 only. Buy now!


3.  Haier 12.5 cu. ft. Two-Door Inverter No-Frost Refrigerator

The Haier 12.5 cu. ft. refrigerator’s initial pricing was 44,998 PHP. ft. Anyone looking for an energy efficient yet beautiful refrigerator with flexibility of storage? You should consider the Haier Two-Door Inverter Bottom Mount No Frost Refrigerator with twin inverter technology that could save energy consumption. Its exterior is made of black glass, giving any kitchen a posh appearance.

You may purchase it for less than 7,500.00 PHP OFF for a brief period of time! That is a 17% discount in addition to the FREE shipping offer for people living in the NCR and Rizal region.

Apart from the beautiful exterior, the Haier 12.5 cu. ft. Two-Door Inverter No-Frost Refrigerator also comes with high-technology features like Deo Fresh, which sanitizes the fridge by eradicating 99.99% of bacteria, mildew, viruses, and other pathogens. It also has a Magic Room, a storage with a vastly adjustable temperature range. The Magic Room is equipped with  Magic Cooling Technology that will provide your precise freshness with 5-in-1 mode (from super freezing to soft freezing). In addition, it is a standalone area where anything can be placed to set it apart from the rest of the refrigerator.

If these features aren’t enough to convince you of how amazing this product really is then consider this: all of these amazing features come with a Twin Inverter Technology, too! Imagine using less energy for a high-end refrigerator.


4.  Toshiba 60×60 Gas Cooking Range

This summer, a lot of people have explored their hobbies and one of them is cooking, rekindling their love for home cooking while bonding with their friends and families and our Toshiba 60cm 4 burner gas range is the perfect one to get.

It has a convection oven that cooks food evenly and faster. This also has a built in thermostat that regulates the temperature inside the oven and maintains the correct temperature. Not to mention, that it has tested quality sabaf burners that are designed for the user to have a cleaner cooking experience. You can adjust the flame with more precision and will give the proper amount of heat during cooking.

To top it all, it also has a Flame Failure Protection System that ensures that the fuel supply will be cut off automatically and immediately if for any reason the flame becomes unstable therefore preventing fire.

It is priced at 37,995 PHP , but you can get it for only 29,265.00 PHP until May 31, 2023 only. Apart from the 23% discount, you can also get a FREE Dynamex cookware and enjoy FREE shipping for residents in NCR or Rizal.


5.  Asahi Tower Type Water Dispenser (WD-104)

This summer, we’re thrilled to have found the perfect water dispenser. The Asahi Tower Type Water Dispenser (WD-104) is literally the best of both worlds! With its sleek design, stainless steel finish, and easy to use temperature settings, this water dispenser has all the bells and whistles that people have been looking for.

The hot and cold feature is great for making coffee for those mornings when you need an extra boost of energy. And being able to instantly dispense cold water makes it a lifesaver especially this summer. It’s also extremely convenient that the machine has a hot water safety lock, so you can confidently let your kids use this dispenser. No more accidental hot boo-boos!

You can buy this some other time for 7,075.00 PHP, or get it today for only 6,875.00 PHP. You can also avail the FREE shipping feature if you’re from the National Capital Region or Rizal area. Get it today!


6.  Hanabishi Inverter Chest Freezer HCHINVF12

Staying cool is expensive, especially during Philippine summers. There are ways you can save a lot of money by modifying the appliances you use. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on the energy needed to keep your home cozy all year long, then there are things that you should know about all those nifty appliances we have in our homes, like freezers and refrigerators.

The Hanabishi Inverter Chest Freezer is an environmentally friendly appliance that saves energy while also keeping your foods and drinks fresh. It has an adjustable thermostat so you can switch it up to your preference.

If you’re in the market for a new freezer, we suggest grabbing this. From 22,420 PHP, you’ll get over 6,000 PHP worth of savings.


Save on some amazing kitchen appliances this summer!

The summer is a great time to buy appliances. You’ll have more time on your hands and you can take advantage of these amazing discounts!

Don’t just sit under the sun and experience the heat. Amplify it with great lifestyle choices like a new refrigerator or cooking range so you can make the most out of your summer. These are just a few of the many appliances that you can buy at Robinsons Appliances under the Splash and Sparkle promo. Check out our website for more offers and all your appliances needs!

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