33 Natural products FORDA skin, hair, and home now made more af-FORDA-ble with up to 20% price drops

Shopping for daily care essentials but feeling the effects of inflation? Human Nature’s got your back!

Enjoy up to Php 130 off when you purchase your favorite daily essentials at Human Nature

This new year means another opportunity for us to make wais choices—may they be for our health and wellbeing, our homes, or the planet. This is a must-have skill for Filipino consumers especially nowadays when the effects of inflation are just too real not to feel.

Feeling it yet? According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, domestic inflation soared to 8.1 percent last December, marking the country’s highest inflation in 14 years. What does this mean for us consumers? The Department of Trade and Industry says that we can expect prices of daily necessities to increase early this year. 

NGL, we have already been seeing prices of goods skyrocket even before Christmas. This is a challenge that’s been prompting many of us to be wais and tighten our belts. Don’t you agree? However, as a result, most of our consumer choices involve sacrificing quality for affordability.

But don’t fret! We can always start somewhere. Brands and consumers alike can take steps to support one another as we try to stay afloat.


Rising up together amid rising costs

To help ease the burden of the rising costs of goods, local brand Human Nature does its part by rolling back prices of our 33 favorite daily skin, hair, and home care essentials by as much as 20 percent effective on January 13, 2022. (Yes, you read it right!).

Wanna be wais as you take care of your household? Buy more while saving more by purchasing our hand soaps, liquid detergent, baby care, and hair care products and enjoy up to Php 130 price slash

—insta-FORDA-ble! Pamper yourself too by copping our face care must-haves like cleanser, mist, and moisturizer and enjoy as much as Php 45 off.

List of Human Nature products with big price rollbacks.

Click here to see the complete list.

Want to experience the #SunflowerPower on your skin? You can now also enjoy the 25 miracles of Human Nature’s cult-classic Sunflower Beauty Oil products starting at Php 184.75 only! Scrub your stress away with our discounted body scrubs and reveal your skin’s glorious glow with our power potions–our natural lotions! 

As they say, “hindi kailangan mahal magmahal.” You can still make consumer choices with care and without compromise. At Human Nature, we are committed to keeping our household staples af-FORDA-ble for Filipinos while still maintaining our promise of world-class quality, genuinely natural products free from harmful chemicals.

The brand provides natural, nurturing, and af-FORDA-ble products for Filipino households

Supporting local brands helps raise up our local economy—and what’s even better is that when you buy from Human Nature, you also support living wages to hundreds of workers and uplift farmers through local sourcing at fair trade prices. This is not just wais for the pocket but also wais for the health and the heart because you get to raise others up as you buy natural, healthier products for yourself at lower prices.

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