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3 Tips on Taking Care of Your Kids

New Year, new baby? Congrats! You’ve gone through pregnancy, delivery, and now you’re starting a life with your baby. Even though you may feel anxious about handling a newborn, in a few short months you’ll develop a routine in taking care of a child and be parenting like a pro! If you have questions or concerns, ask your doctor to recommend resources that can help you and your kid grow together. No question, taking care of kids should be something you can acquire naturally when you become a mom.

But for the basics, here is a 3-step guide that can surely help even the most nervous first-time parents feel confident about caring for a baby in no time:

  1. Let them have a good night sleep. If your newborn frequently wakes you in the night because their diaper is soaked through and you are getting tired of losing sleep because the diapers you use just don’t cut it during the night-time, better to use overnight diapers to help make sure both you and your little one gets a good and dry night’s sleep. Try Uni-Love Airpro Baby Diaper. It has a super absorbent core to keep your babies’ skin comfortable and dry. Its ultrasoft topsheet will surely reduce skin friction and nappy rash. It also has stretchable waistband to keep the diaper fit on your baby and to help them move freely. Now with a good choice of the diaper, you’ll be able to keep your baby dry, comfortable and ready to learn, play, or sleep.

  1. Allow them to make a mess and cleaning up shouldn’t be a problem. Parents of toddlers know by now that that making a mess is inevitable, as they’re all about exploring and trying to make sense of the world around them. But, as parents love their children’s curiosity and sense of adventure, they cannot help but think of the mess they need to clean afterward. That is why, baby wipes are must-have staples. They’re the perfect solution for cleaning dirty hands, faces. To help you clean up after your messy little human, try Uni-Love Baby Wipes. It is natural, mild and effective cleansing for your child’s delicate skin and prevents rashes as it contains the natural properties of aloe vera, lanolin and Vitamin E. It is also proved to have thicker and softer fabric than any ordinary wipes. It is suitable for hands, face and body and for happy area.

  1. Take care of their gums and teeth. The first tooth is a major milestone, but it also bring an added responsibility to focus on proper dental care, even at a young age. It’s a good idea to get your child used to the process of brushing teeth, using a toothbrush and toothpaste, so it becomes part of your routine and one less battle during the toddler years. Now if you’re looking for which baby toothpaste to buy for your child under age one, meet the newest Uni-Love Strawberry Ice Cream Baby Toothpaste. This Probiotic Training Toothpaste comes with strawberry ice cream flavor and can help clean your child’s teeth gently, promoting healthy oral care habit for your toddler’s primary teeth.

So, what are you waiting for? Catch Uni-care‘s Brand Spotlight at Shopee Mall this January 25 for exclusive deals and to score their newest toothpaste and toothbrush! Truly, Uni-care is your partner in giving the best for your children.

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