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Shopee Beauty Luxe Exclusive: Korean Haircare GRAFEN, now up to 55% off!

It is normal to shed a certain amount of hair every day. If hair falls out in more significant amounts than usual, it can be hair loss.

Nobody wants to talk about hair loss. But let’s face it, it’s more common than we think and it can be happening—to a lot of us. And it can cause distress and worry.

But worry not! Korean Korean No.1 haircare brand GRAFEN offers innovative solutions to your every hair concern, from oily scalp to dandruff, or even hair loss.

And you may check out a huge variety of Shampoo, Hair Treatments, Hair Brushes, Combs and other must-try haircare products from Official Store on Shopee Mall, now up to 55% off!

First, you can try using the [GRAFEN] Edge Finger Shampoo Brush.

This is a scalp-massaging brush that helps you maintain a healthy and clean scalp. It is designed for people with hair loss symptoms, dandruff, itchy scalps, and weak thinning hair. It massages the scalp to promote blood circulation and helps remove accumulated dead cells and toxins.

Made of medical silicone which is non-harmful for human body, this is a 100% waterproofed brush that can be used hygienically. It has also an ergonomic design and is easy to use. This brush also makes bubble well even it is used with the shampoo.

Better results will be seen if used together with hair-saving, functional shampoo: [GRAFEN] Root Booster Shampoo 500ml.

This gentle, pure, water-based shampoo is made of natural-ordinates materials for thick and rich hair. It has 22 kinds of amino acid, Houttuynia cordata extract, Perilla frutescens leaf extract, Camelia seed oil, Olive oil, and Natural-originated surfactant.

This shampoo provides a healthy scalp environment for hair growth and strengthens the roots of your hair. It is an effective hair loss prevention shampoo especially formulated for dry and sensitive scalp.

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