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Shop Ilwoul Masks at the Shopee ‘Christmas in Our Carts’

Christmas is almost here. Already starting to plan out your Christmas gift ideas? It’s never too early to get in on the holiday spirit. Thanks to online shopping, getting a head start on our holiday shopping is easier than ever.

Speaking of online shopping, Shopee has already started the holiday season with “Christmas in Our Carts.”

Get in the holiday Shopee-ng spirit with spectacular gifts that’ll have everyone feeling festive. The Christmas in Our Carts gift guide highlights bundle deals and special discounts from favorite brands and to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. These gift ideas and deals will be best bought until Christmas wherein you can get them at the lowest price possible. Whether you’re shopping for your family, your co-worker, your bestie, or you boo, these Christmas gift ideas — from the latest gadgets to hot new beauty trends, to tools and toys, are sure to make anyone’s holiday special.

Now, if you are gifting some who works outdoors, you can choose to give them something practical, something than can keep them safe and protected. Just like this tried and tested White Good Manner KF94 Respirator Face Mask from Ilwoul.

Ilwoul is the Number 1 selling mask in Korea, and now the fastest growing mask brand in the Philippines. You can check out the Ilwoul PH Official Shop in Shopee Mall to find 100% authentic Ilwoul products directly imported from Korea. They offer masks in neutral black or white colors as well as gray, beige, lilac, oxford blue and even pink. The masks has premium 4 layered Filters and are US FDA Approved as class 1 respiratory protection device against certain airborne particle contaminants such as yellow dust, fine dust, and biological particles such as bacteria and viruses.

Comfortable and breathable, an Ilwoul mask is known to be more hygienic as it does not touch your mouth given its 3-dimensional structure design filtering area. It also protects not just from the front, but it keeps germ and bacteria from coming through the side, unlike other regular surgical masks. Lastly, Ilwoul masks are washable up to 20 times and reusable for up to 30 days (or 300 hours) unlike any other disposable masks in the market.


Again, the Christmas in Our Carts is the ultimate one stop shop for your Christmas shopping needs. Users can start shopping now for presents with Shopee’s holiday gift guide. And they can enjoy up to 90% off on Shopee Mall and watch out for gift bundles, free shipping vouchers, ShopeePay exclusive deals, and more.

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