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#MioOwnTheCulture: What’s Your Culture?

Yamaha has been the No. 1 automatic motorcycle brand in the Philippines. Through Yamaha MIO, the brand has opened the world of AT Riding Lifestyle to the Philippines and has released multiple editions that have allowed its riders to be defined in their own culture.

Since the introduction of the MIO Culture in 2007, Yamaha has been dedicated to giving the feeling of uniqueness through MIO motorcycles, bringing a different riding taste to every Filipino throughout the years.

On the road, each Yamaha MIO model has a signature design that is very distinct. This year, MIO continues to provide enjoyable features. The updated colors encompass the characteristics of each motorcycle and their correlation to their riders.



Through the MIO Own The Culture campaign, Yamaha has introduced the diverse culture while creating additional differentiation as the brand lead and continuously innovate Automatic MIO line-up:

  • MIO Sporty – a Culture of Distinction
  • MIO i125 – a Culture of Trend and Style
  • MIO Soul i15 – a Culture of Fierce Authenticity
  • MIO Gravis – a Culture of Refined Versatility
  • MIO Aerox – a Culture of Unrivaled Precision

And just last month, a new culture, MIO Gear – a Culture of Toughness and Diversity, was also introduced.

Now in partnership with Bonifacio Art Foundation, Yamaha has unveiled the MIO Mural.

Located at W Global Center in BGC, Taguig, the 45-foot MIO Mural has been creating a unique experience and engagement to citizens. For weeks now, this great piece of artwork has been delivering it strong message: show every individual’s diversity and discover what culture they do belong.

Looking at the vast wall art created by artist Glenford Lumbao, you can also see how the MIO motorcycle plays an important role in people’s daily lives; may he/she be a gamer, an artist, a trendsetter, someone who prefers action-filled activities, or a person who just loves to cook. But despite the diversity, Yamaha MIO enables different cultures to be one. Through the weaving and circular layout of the mural, one can clearly see how everyone in the community could be of service to one another.

See the MIO Mural Documentary Video below:

And now that everything is coming back to normal, you can also visit the MIO Mural and just enjoy the magnificent view. While appreciating the art, you might get to identify yourself on which culture you belong. And you too can also express and share to others your experience on social media using the hashtags: #MIOOwnTheCulture and #YamahaPH.

For more information about the Yamaha MIO, go to or visit the brand website:

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