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Celebrate the sights and sounds of Christmas at the City of Firsts

Christmas is just around the corner and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! To enjoy the merriment and the festivities brought by the holidays, Araneta City brings a Christmas of Comfort and Joys and has a few sights, sounds, and experiences that they’ve prepared especially for you!

Here are some of the things that you can enjoy at the City of Firsts during the holidays:

Discover the flavors of Christmas at the Times Square Food Park. Whether you’re craving puto bumbong and bibingka or pizza and tacos, you’ll surely find it at the Times Square Food Park! Serving some well-loved treats especially for the holidays, the Times Square Food Park is open from 3 PM to 11 PM this entire month, so visit now and go on a Christmas food trip!

Celebrate the Holidays with a bang. Araneta City is bringing some color to our night sky with the Grand Fireworks Display that’s happening every Saturday of December! There’s also a special fireworks show on Christmas and New Year’s Day, so make sure to stop by the Times Square Food Park at 7 PM to catch a glimpse of this visual spectacle.

Santa’s at the City to bring some ho-ho-holiday cheer. Santa and  his  elves  are  at  the  City  of  Firsts  to  make  Christmas  merrier  for  everyone.  Catch good ole’ Saint Nick every Sunday of December, 3 PM at the following locations: Property A; Farmers  Plaza  at  the  Level  4  Bazaar  and  at  the  Activity  Area;  Farmers  Market;  and  at  the Jeepney Terminal.

Enjoy unique holiday finds. Thinking about getting your family some truly unique Christmas gifts? Then  head on out to Araneta  City’s  Christmas  Bazaar!  From  proudly  local  handicrafts  to  some  curious  culinary specialties,  anything  that  you  may  want  is  available  there!  The  Christmas  Bazaar  is  in  the Gateway  Mall,  Ali  Mall,  and  Farmers  Plaza  activity  areas,  making  it  a  convenient  one-stop- shop for all your holiday shopping.

Take some epic selfies with Araneta City’s Christmas Trees. Bring the holiday spirit to your Instagram feed by snapping a holiday selfie with Araneta City’s Christmas Trees. These Christmas Trees  are not only adorned  with glittering ornaments but they also carry special messages that aim to inspire during this time. The Giant Christmas Tree banners HOPE, the Christmas Tree in Gateway Mall states FAITH, while the ones in Ali Mall and  Farmers  Plaza  communicate  JOY  and  LOVE,  respectively—four  things  that  we  need  to keep in mind especially during these difficult times.

Remember the essence of Christmas with the traditional Belen. Contemplate on the real meaning of Christmas by visiting the life-sized Belen situated along Gen. MacArthur Avenue. A yearly tradition since 1991, the Belen reminds all of us about the reason for the season.

Deck the halls with holiday deals from Parolan. It’s  just  a  few  days before  Christmas,  but  it’s  never  too  late  to  bring  holiday  cheer  to  your home. Visit Parolan at Araneta City anytime of the day (it is open 24/7!) to secure some pretty good deals on garlands, Christmas lights, and lanterns.

You  can  enjoy  all  these  things  without  having  to  worry  as  Araneta  City  is  strictly  observing  health protocols to ensure a safe experience for everyone who spends the holidays at the City of Firsts.

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