#REALTALK CHAOS UT Collaboration Collection with Creative Duo of Popular London-based Brand CHAOS Launches

UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer, today launched the #REALTALK CHAOS UT collaboration collection with London-based accessories and lifestyle brand CHAOS.

Designed by the creative duo of popular stylists Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall, the accessories have drawn attention from pacesetters around the world with their striking typography in pop and retro styles. The new UT (UNIQLO T-shirt) collection, which centers on the theme of “Real Talk,” the things we want to say but often don’t is like CHAOS, fresh, bold and unique.

A special collection with the catchy expressions of today’s girls

Focusing on the ordinary, unadorned styles of girls, this collection highlights – as reflected in the collection name – the “real talk” of girls conveyed in a distinctively CHAOS style. Items covered with dynamic, real phrases such as “Absolutely Not!”, “Can’t Talk”, and “A Little Chaotic”, evoke feelings of chatting amicably with friends. In addition to UTs with on-trend boxy silhouettes, the lineup includes hoodies featuring bold back prints and brilliants colors, created in oversized designs that can also be worn by men.

“Since we launched CHAOS we have always wanted to collaborate with UNIQLO and we are thrilled to have now realized that dream. The #REALTALK CHAOS collection is about both honesty and humor. We all think things we don’t always say out loud. So we have created a collection that says it for you! The colors, graphics and typography come from the core of everything we love and do at CHAOS. It’s been a fantastic journey with UNIQLO creating our first collection together.”


  • Women’s T-shirts: 7 designs Php 790.00 (6 patterns available in ALL stores; 1 pattern in EC only)
  • Women’s Hoodies: 4 designs  Php 1,490.00 (available in Select Stores only)

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