Milk Tea Madness! Equilibrium Offers Tea-rrific Discounts for July

To say that Filipinos love milk tea is an understatement. With its cool, refreshing taste, coupled with fun, delightful sinkers such as chewy pearls, pudding, jelly, or even ice cream, the Philippines has officially embraced the beverage as an everyday feel-good staple.

That’s why milk tea lovers are in for a treat, as Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation, the country’s leading distributor of top-quality coffee, tea, and specialty beverage products, and partner to Manila’s biggest luxury hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops, is offering a variety of milk tea bundles at special discounted prices for the month of July, with its Milk Tea Madness promo.


Milk tea madness!

In 2019, the Philippines ranked second among the countries with the most number of bubble tea drinkers in Southeast Asia. A food delivery survey found out that Filipinos consume an average of five cups of milk tea in a month1. That’s significantly greater than Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam’s average three cups in a month per drinker!

Left and right, milk tea shops have also popped up all over the country, from shopping malls, food parks, to neighborhoods. Some homemade milk tea shops even offer delivery! That’s because Pinoys just can’t get enough of them.

So with most parts of the country still under community quarantine, it’s a great time to get creative in the kitchen and to start whipping up fantastic milk tea drinks to satisfy your cravings! Crafting your personal milk tea concoction only gets easier and more enjoyable with the world-class quality products from Equilibrium.

Choose your own milk tea kit! Pick your choice of tea for your very own milk tea creation, complete with full cream milk and syrup.

From July 1 to 31, 2020, consumers from all over the country can avail of a variety of flavored powder products from Equilibrium that they can use to create exciting milk tea drinks at home. No matter what their milk tea personality is, they’re sure to find a match with the product bundles included in the promo. Milk tea lovers getting the bundles can enjoy selections like American specialty beverage company Mocafe’s Okinawa, Wintermelon, and Tea Thai Latte powders, chai and tea company David Rio’s Chai, Assam, and Earl Grey powders. Each of the bundled offers come with Gippy Full Cream Milk and cafe-grade Torani syrups, completing the full milk tea experience.

 The perks not only end there, as customers who avail of any of the July Milk Tea Madness bundles will also be entitled to a 30% discount on selected products, the availability of which will vary per branch of Equilibrium.

Purchasing the product bundles is easy. Customers can purchase them while supplies last by messaging Equilibrium on its Facebook page, by walking in any of Equilibrium’s branches, or through a phone call at 0956-264-4712.

For those who want to start making their own milk tea at home or for their own businesses, here’s free recipes to try:

Stimulating the Filipino coffee and specialty beverage industry

Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation has been brewing strong partnerships with companies since 1998. A pioneer in the coffee market supplier industry, it was the first to set up branches in Mindanao in 2006 to 2007 and in the Visayas region in 2008. It currently operates in 10 key market locations throughout the Philippines, including Metro Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, Cebu City, Puerto Prinsesa City, Palawan, Baguio City, Naga City, Pampanga, and Iloilo.

Part of its mission of supporting young entrepreneurs building a coffee business, Equilibrium also shares its years of expertise through an affiliated international school. Equilibrium takes passion in not just getting these budding businessmen the right tools and coffee education to get started, but also to keep their craft alive and flourishing by providing technical support, business solutions, as well as keeping them abreast of industry trends like DIY milk tea kits that consumers absolutely love.

 To place your orders, visit Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation’s Facebook page at You may also contact Equilibrium at 0956-264-4712. Visit their website at to learn more.


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