From Animal Crossing to Real Life: The Property Brothers Help You Design Your Forever Home

Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have made it their mission to help couples transform their houses into their forever homes in their new show, Property Brothers: Forever Home premiering on HGTV on Wednesday, July 15, 10 pm. 

Unlike previous Property Brothers series which focus on acquiring properties and flipping these for resale or profit, this new show offers viewers access to the brothers’ real estate and design expertise. From living areas to bedrooms, kitchen spaces and other parts of the house, Drew and Jonathan provide counsel on how to maximize current houses and turn them into long-term residences.

Due to the pandemic and the quarantine restrictions imposed locally, with more time in their hands, we’ve seen a lot of homemakers undertake home renovations – in real life and with their virtual alter-egos. With so many options and resources, and a whole plethora of color palettes and design themes to choose from, one can easily get overwhelmed when conceptualizing and setting the vibe that one wants to achieve in a home.

There is inspiration everywhere, and in the realm of play, Animal Crossing offers the opportunity to virtually experience the fun and challenges that comes in decorating. With the charm of personally designing an island and home, gamers have unleashed amazing interior design creativity. While we anticipate the premiere of Property Brothers: Forever Home, we have rounded up some noteworthy Animal Crossing homes to take inspiration from.


Classy and Classic: Hope’s Vintage Bedroom

Hope, a 21-year-old medical technologist, relaxes by playing video games after a long day at work. Her bedroom is inspired by different ancestral homes she had visited during field trips administered by the school. Hope wanted to recreate that nostalgic feeling she had experienced upon entering by using the antique set. Her advice into designing is to make the most of what you have because you can do so much despite having so little.


Playful and Quirky: Jherico’s Magical Childhood Bedroom

Jherico is a computer science graduate who is currently working as a software engineer. Currently working with a work from home set-up, he is able to sneak in a few hours of playing the game. His bedroom is inspired by who he is and what he loves. With a kid at heart demeanor and a fascination with fantasy, his bedroom came together on its own. His advice is to go for a design that makes you happy. Afterwards, focus on a theme or a mood as it will help you narrow down your choices when it comes to wallpaper, flooring, and furniture.


Stylish and Tranquil: Cathy’s Japanese Bathroom  

Cathy is an instructional designer who is also honing her skills in graphic design to someday pursue it as a side gig. She is a lover of anime and was supposed to travel to Japan this year before the pandemic. Inspired by that idea, her home revolves around the Japanese style of design, mimicking the places and reminiscing the adventures she had in the country. Her design tip is to make a moodboard of the vibe you want to go for; gather inspiration from different pictures found on the internet or the things that inspire you as this will help you give an idea on how to mix and match different styles to incorporate in your home.


Tropical and Chic: Kyrah’s Boho Bedroom

 Kyrah is an interior design student and artist. She paints with watercolors and acrylics and takes inspiration from nature to incorporate in her art. Her bedroom is inspired by her favorite style, bohemian, which has a neutral color palette, a mix of different textures, handwoven rugs, and plants. Her design tip is to always work with a color scheme, apply different textures and contrasts, and work with patterns as you don’t always have to follow a set of items. It is also important to have a focal point in your design to make everything else flow easier afterwards.


Warm and Homey: Liza’s Filipino Kitchen

 Liza is an incoming senior biology student who plans to study medicine afterwards. On the side, she doodles, practices sketching, and enjoys making digital collages. Her inspiration for her kitchen was founded from a local Animal Crossing New Horizons group. She has a love for how Filipinos like to display multiple art pieces on walls and incorporated that to the kitchen. She also stuck with warm tones because it gave off a homey feel that all Filipino homes have. One tip she can give is trying out the idea of organized clutter, starting off with haphazardly placing items to see what fits best but also making sure to meticulously place the essentials. Experimenting with different sizes of items beside each other also adds more depth to the room, however, you have to take note on sticking with an overall color scheme to make the place look cohesive.

To learn more about different designs, tips, and tricks that you can apply to your own real or virtual forever home, don’t forget to tune in to Property Brothers: Forever Home. HGTV is on Sky Cable Ch 21, Cignal Ch 201, and Destiny Ch 88.


Written by dotdailydose




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