5 Tips to Get Though the next Cut-Off

Controlling the itch to dine out because you’re short on cash; scouting every corners of your bag for loose change; borrowing money from a coworker  –  sounds familiar?

Petsa de Peligro.

It is the period during the month when one’s starts to feel the pinch of their wallet because payday is still a week or so away. A cultural flaw, it’s a common scenario experienced by most middle class Pinoys as they are generally known for spending their cash immediately upon payout for fancy dinners, shopping sprees and other disproportionate spending.

Here are some basic tips to avoid scraping every penny that you could pull out from your pockets due to budget constraints brought about by Petsa de Peligro:

  1. Plan your BUDGET

Nothing wrong in indulging yourself occasionally however, it should also be noted that overspending is just one of the many reasons why many Filipino workers often experience Petsa de Peligro. Smart budget allocation is key as your spending habits should fit the amount of money you are earning. Plot your expenses for easy monitoring. To help you strictly spend money purposefully, make sure to make a list of bills, groceries, planned necessary purchases, savings, emergency funds, etc. Make sure that, every pay day, you put down no less than the allotted budget to each item on your list.

  1. THINK before Buying

Avoid unnecessary shopping. Don’t fall for immediate gratification. Ask yourself if the item is worth it or necessary. Remember: there is buyer’s remorse when your wallet is empty. Since we’re already on the topic of things to avoid, how about trying to avoid malls altogether?

  1. Bring EXACT Amount

Ok, given already than you lack self-control and spend mindlessly, you can limit yourself by bringing just the exact amount that you intend to spend for the day. This forces you to stick to your budget. Sweet and simple!

  1. Pick Cheaper ALTERNATIVES

You don’t need to spend much to have fun. Why not stream a movie or read a book instead of watching a movie on a weekend? After all, home is where the free food and WiFi are. Occasionally, carpooling and public transport commuting to where you’re off to, is far cheaper than to take a Grab. And short walks to where you’re off to, saves up on fare costs, while getting a mini workout. Speaking of, gym membership + trainer inexpensive. Why not try working out a home?

  1. Make a MEAL PLAN

If you watch your food expenses, you’ll be surprised on how much you can save. Try buying food at a cafeteria instead of eating every day in expensive restaurants or fast food chains. Then eating at home and brown bagging (bringing baon) on the next day will be another cost-efficient choice. Availing Happy Hour prices or that Buy One, Take One meal deals with your coworkers are good options, too. See, instead of paying for that P100+ on meal daily, you could keep that cash for when you really need it.

Well, it’s tempting to make up for work stress by going out and eating merienda while sitting down on your desk. While cutting down on expensive snacks and milktea allows you to save more money, you can also opt to buy healthier and cheaper quick snacks in nearby stores like Wellcome, Shopwise Express, Rustan’s Supermarket, AllDay, and WalterMart. Here you can buy healthy fruits, nutritious sandwiches and cheaper instant coffee.

Don’t forget: You can also pay for these snacks with GCash QR! Just open the GCash App, select Pay QR, and scan to pay at any of our partner merchants. Plus, you also receive a cashback for each transaction to help you survive Petsa de Peligro.


So don’t fall into the trap of living from paycheck to paycheck. Stick to your income. Monitor your expenses. Make a budget plan. Regularly check your lifestyle.




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