Is ABS-CBN Really Signing Off for Good after March 2020?

News about ABS-CBN, whose franchise will expire by the end of March 2020, is all over the social media and the traditional news platforms. News are about that we might face a possibility of not having the Kapamilya network after this year.

Definitely this will make me sad as ABS-CBN and its network of channels have been constant companions throughout our lives, as for sure they have been for a lot of Filipinos. Here are some shows that we all grew up with, and they have shaped most of our teen and adolescent life:

Tabing-Ilog. We can all remember putting aside everything just to make sure we never miss an episode. Ah, being a teenager and in love!

Batibot. The older generation had Sesame Street, for the 90’s kids we had Batibot. Kuya Bodjie, Pong Pagong, Madam Bola…just the mention of those characters bring back happy memories!

Rated K. Inspiring stories are always welcome in this cynical world. Rated K never disappoints and have aways inspired me to do good and become better.

Wansapanataym. Who would not want magic to exist? Before Harry Potter, before Stranger Things, us Pinoys had Wansapanataym and its fantastical adventures

MYX. Our love for music and local acts was shaped primarily by MYX and its shows throughout the years.

These are just a few of our favorite shows on ABS-CBN.

We may not know much about the politics behind the news about the planned shutdown of the network. All we know is that it would be a shame if ABS-CBN was not around any more.

The only question about the quo warranto is, are there no possible recourse but a shutdown? Are there no other remedy that the government can impose upon ABS-CBN? We all wonder why the network, upon years of its existence and bringing entertainment to Filipinos everywhere, is being pressured only now. It is somehow clear that they did not even wait for the expiration of franchise when they filed a quo warranto case. But the biggest wonder here is,  why shutting it down right away?


Written by dotdailydose




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