Teledirect makes way for new name TDCX

Teledirect has officially rebranded to TDCX. The multinational company, which this 2019 turned a year shy of 25 years started set out as an outsourced call center, handling voice calls, emails and faxes. Now, the company has grown together with the industries they were made to cater to, embracing the robust digital economy and answering the increasing complexities of big-ticket clientele who are operating and expanding in phenomenal rates.

TDCX is a portmanteau of TD, Teledirect’s famous shorthand, and CX, meaning to highlight innovative Customer Experience—the focal point to which the company directs their products and services moving forward. TDCX recognizes that digital connections are now inherent to business, and while digitalization monumentally augmented Teledirect’s suite of services in 2012, the company remains firm on the belief that giving clients the human touch in customer care is still of utmost importance.

Even internally, empathy and a real care for their people has been in the forefront of TDCX. The company’s current Employee Satisfaction score is at its all-time highest at 95%, monumental given the stigma that is attached to working in the BPO industry. Their campaign, “Be Happier,” rallies towards building a culture of positive reinforcement and accountability in the workplace, which the company believes can radiate towards their interaction with clients.

The new logo, manifesting a transition from red to yellow, conveys a movement from strong negative emotions to warmth and joy.

Even the new TDCX logo manifests this value: the colors gradually shift from red to yellow, conveying a movement from anger and strength towards warmth and joy, the very feelings each TDCX employee—and in turn, their customers—should feel.

Just right before the rebrand to TDCX, the business community of Singapore recognized Teledirect’s contributions to the business process outsourcing industry. This year, TDCX bagged the top honor at the Enterprise 50 Awards, recognizing the top 50 privately-held companies in Singapore based on performance indicators such as profit and growth, business model, productivity and innovation, and management ideals, among others.

TDCX Philippines employees happily posing for an ‘X’ hand gesture as they embrace the re-branding that signifies growth of the company.

“The company’s win is definitely an indication of the company’s overall health and financial performance, but more than anything, it is also indicative of the trust that the company continues to gain from their clients as they focus on developing better customer experience touchpoints and growing the business on a global scale.” said TDCX Group’s CEO Laurent Junique.

The rebrand to TDCX will have no change on the company’s management or ownership but is hopefully a sign of brighter business opportunities. In the Philippines, TDCX employs around 3,500 individuals and will continually increase as new sites will be opened next year, while their worldwide operations come to a total of 8,000 staff in eight countries. More information on TDCX is available at To join TDCX or learn about career opportunities, contact or (02)8862-9500.




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