Hydrate in Style this Holiday Season with Shark Bottle

With the Christmas season just a few weeks from now, you’re probably searching the perfect gift for your parents, sibs, significant others, and special people in your lives. Well, why not give them something they can use everyday and will serve a desktop feature as their laptop?

Shark Bottle is a daily necessity that they’ll gladly have and hold— it’s chic, personalized, and a reminder to be well-hydrated all the time! It also feels great not having to contribute an ounce of plastic waste with this durable and convenient hydration bottle.

Bestseller Stingray bottles in pink panther, azure, red garnet, olive, and pineapple, price starts at P1,050

Conceived out of wanting to reduce plastic around the globe, Shark Bottle curates tumblers, bottles, and cups that everyone will be encouraged to use on the daily.


  Why gift a Shark Bottle:

  1. Shark Insulation Technology. Shark Bottles are BPA-FREE, stainless steel, double-walled (most hydro flasks available only have a single wall). Shark Insulation Technology utilizes a silver coating on the inner layer of the bottle that prevents temperature transfer by radiation. A vacuum, pressed between its double walls, keep heat or cold from moving by convection, and finally, a thick glass barrier stops the heat or cold from entering or leaving the flask. Shark cups and tumbler are up to 8 hours hot and 16 hours for cold drinks, while Shark Bottles are up to 12 hours hot and up to 24 hours cold.
  2. Durability. Sweat and leak-free, made with high-quality materials that are low maintenance but can stand any bumpy ride.
  3. Shape and size. It comes in a number of shapes and sizes (from 350ml to 1900ml) to accommodate everyone’s drinking (and carrying) needs.
  4. Personalize it!  Very customizable, with a stylish canvass that can work with countless designs to fit their owners’ aesthetic and lifestyle. Shark Bottles partnered with Trend Artisans Lifestyle to give the absolute freedom to imagine and see Shark Bottles come to life.
  5. Save the world one less plastic cup at a time. Just think about how much our world can benefit if we all did our part in helping cut down our non-recyclables. Using eco-friendly products means a healthier future for the people we love.
  6. Shark Bottles are trusted. Still not convinced? Browse thru the social media to see how well received Shark Bottles are!

 Shop Shark Bottles at You may also get your orders via our Facebook page. Get design inspo by checking our Instagram profile. For corporate orders, we encourage you to email us at [email protected].


Written by dotdailydose




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