How LG is Shaping the Kitchen of the Future

Food is a precursor for bonding in the Philippines. But in an age of fast-paced lifestyles and minute meals, the act of preparing and enjoying good, home-cooked meals with a loved one has become a precious, if rare, moment.

Technology, however, is slowly helping us reimagine the kitchen as the center of the home, where family and friends typically congregate, and meals are cooked and shared. A new generation of smart appliances are transforming life in the kitchen and reshaping expectations about kitchen staples like the refrigerator and oven. With these new intuitive, user-friendly appliances, we find ourselves back in the kitchen, able to cook better, healthier meals but with half the cooking time and labor.
LG Electronics is focusing on modern products that are slowly shaping the kitchen of the future, one where preparation time is reduced, efficiency is improved, error is minimized and energy usage optimized. And one where smart fridges, dishwashers and ovens “communicate” with one another.
We are now entering the moment of the connected kitchen. LG’s kitchen of the future will host a number of intelligent appliances designed to work in close cooperation with one another using the LG SmartThinQ artificial intelligence platform.

SmartThinQ in the kitchen is not yet fully optimized in the Philippines, but other markets reveal how this new technology is making appliances more intuitive than ever and lets you control just about everything in your home from your smartphone, starting with the new LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator.
This refrigerator is the next step in smart home evolution. A massive glass screen lets you manage mealtimes, create a shopping a list, and even post expiration dates of your food. It also allows you to check the contents of your fridge at a glance—just tap the screen twice to see everything inside, and plan your meals better without even having to open your fridge (saving energy in the process). It can even suggest recipes based on the ingredients you currently have on hand.

With the SmartThinQ app, you can see a wide-angle view of the inside of your fridge wherever you are. So next time you’re out grocery shopping, you won’t have to think if you need to broccoli for dinner. The app also allows you to connect with other smart LG kitchen appliances. For example, when you look up a recipe, your LG InstaView ThinQ can set the smart LG oven to automatically preheat to the correct temperature, allowing you to get dinner on the table faster, not to mention giving you more time to enjoy a meal with your loved ones
The kitchen has always had technology at its heart—and with LG’s intelligent, consumer-centric appliances, it’s advancing in ways you’ve never imagined. Today’s recipe for success is invention, integration and innovation—and LG is definitely serving all of these in heaps.

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