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Emirates launches exclusive Food and Wine channels for its award-winning inflight entertainment system

Emirates has launched its own food and wine channels to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at how it creates its menus and works with its global partners to produce its inflight meals.

Emirates serves about 110 million meals and over 80 kinds of wines, champagnes, and ports across all cabin classes. The channels give an inside look into how these meals are produced.  The airline has invested US $700-million-dollars in fine wines and its regional and seasonal food menus prepared by award-winning chefs. Both the Food and Wine Channels can be viewed on all Emirates flights.
The Food Channel showcases the detail that goes into menu development by Emirates Chefs and ingredient sourcing for onboard meals. It explores how the airline brings the finest products on board through long standing partnerships worldwide, including with local suppliers and artisans. The channel also features some recipes from the airline’s regionally inspired onboard menu, so customers can recreate Emirates’ signature dishes and other cuisines at home.

The Wine Channel features a documentary on Emirates’ wine procurement strategy and the direct relationships it has cultivated with the world’s finest winemakers to procure some of the most exclusive vintages. A series of wine tutorials have also been introduced on the channel, where viewers are led through a tutored tasting, giving valuable insight into the history of the producer and the elements that give each wine its flavour.
“We go to great lengths to present our customers in every class with a great dining experience. A lot of detail goes into preparing the meals and choosing the wines. The channels give viewers access to our food and beverage philosophy, the catering strategy and how we work with our partners. In addition, our tutorials and recipes give our customers something interesting to take home with them,” Emirates Senior Vice President for Catering Joost Heymeijer said.

Emirates’ Food and Wine channels sit alongside 3,500 other channels of on-demand content on its award-winning inflight entertainment system, including movies, television shows, music tracks, podcasts, and games. The system also features varied content such as expert-led LinkedIn Learning courses that cover topics such as Leadership, General Management and Marketing; as well as uTalk language courses offering lessons for beginners.
Emirates currently operates 18 weekly flights from Manila to Dubai, as well as a daily service from Cebu and Clark to Dubai, connecting passengers to a wide number of destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. For more information about Emirates or to book tickets, please visit



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