Build Your Dream Home Theater with Sony’s Unbeatable Audio Duo of the HT-ST5000 and HT-MT500

Great entertainment comes from only the best immersive audio sets that are powered to make consumers feel connected with the images being flashed on the screen and the sounds that go with it. Sony, the best provider of quality home entertainment, boasts of the power pair of sound bars which are designed to give consumers the finest combination of devices to fit exactly these unique entertainment needs.

HT-ST5000 Brings A New Dimension to Sound  

Planning the perfect family movie night soon? Perhaps, a chill evening with friends for that relaxing series marathon and food trip you’ve always wanted? All these and more, the HT-ST5000 can deliver for your home entertainment needs because the distinct functions and features of the sound bar provides superior sound quality in a sleek, stylish package.

As Sony’s flagship 7.1.2ch 800W sound bar, the HT-ST5000 features the Dolby Atmos®, 3D Sound Experience, Hi-Resolution Audio and 10 advanced speakers – all in a sleek, stylish design. Each speaker unit utilizes separate drivers to reproduce a full range of sound that supports High-Resolution Audio playback. While a powerful addition to a television or projector all on its own, this sound bar is designed to be the cornerstone of a home theatre setup. With three HDMI inputs, one HDMI ARC output, a USB input, Bluetooth, NFC, as well as digital optical and analog connections, there’s a connection for all your equipment.

The HT-ST5000 maintains quality from source to screen with support for 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content from major studios via HDMI HDCP 2.2, and also supports multi-room capability. With these excellent sound quality offers in a stylish pact, you now have the power to provide the best entertainment in your own home.

HT-MT500 Delivers Sound Like No Other

Another sound bar under the first Sony Compact Bar series, the HT-MT500 ensures the reproduction of great sound with the use of S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, placing the listener right in the heart of the movies by emulating theatre-style surround sound from two front speakers only. Ideal not just for your late night move sessions, but also for house parties that are all about the music.

In addition, the unit includes a slim separate subwoofer that can stand neatly upright next to or in between your furniture to deliver clear, defined bass. The subwoofers of the HT-MT500 can even be placed discreetly under the sofa without having to compromise on sound quality through the cushions, when using the new Sofa Mode.

The unit is also undoubtedly stylish as it keeps up with current trends in living room design, whilst providing a pure and natural, high quality sound experience. But of course, Sony is never just about the look. The High-Resolution Audio-enabled HT-MT500 and HT-ST5000 units can even upscale and enhance all the sounds that it plays out. Furthermore, it supports Wireless Surround Sound and one HDMI ARC output. It comes with Chromecast Built-in™ And Spotify Connect so you have access to over 100 music-streaming apps. For extra simplicity, it also has a Music Service button to carry on listening to the last song you played from your Spotify account.

The HT-ST5000 and HT-MT500 sound bars are available in Sony Centres and authorized dealers nationwide.

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