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Don’t Let Work Stop You From Being Healthier This 2018!

Holiday season is over, which means it’s the time of the year again when people start to fulfill their “New Year, New Me” resolutions. For most of the working population, achieving a healthier lifestyle is one of their biggest goals. Work can sometimes be too demanding, but it does not justify overlooking your health. Achieving a healthier lifestyle is no rocket science, you just need to have self-discipline, determination and time management.

And to help you, RHEA Generics, a world-class provider of generic medicines, prepared a list for you to follow in order to have a healthier lifestyle this 2018:

  1. Watch what you eat. It is important to watch your diet and avoid eating unhealthy food. Start to refrain from consuming processed and fast food. Maybe try to eat more freshly prepared or home-cooked meals this new year? As much as possible, find time to prepare your own food at home – it’s not only healthier but it will also help you to save some cash.
  2. This couldn’t be emphasized more, but take your vitamins. Taking vitamins may seem to be such a chore but it obviously has immense health benefits. It can boost your immune system to combat viruses or sickness. Take that daily dose of protection and make sure to stock up on Calcium Ascorbate to help your immune system defend your body from viruses. Calcium Ascorbate is the first adult vitamins available in the market that includes Vitamin C and Zinc. It can be compared to the regular Ascorbic Acid which has the same Vitamin C that increases body resistance to stress and infections and enhances the immune system but the best part? It’s non-acidic.
  3. You are not a robot, so get some rest!As much as we want to maximize ourselves every day, it might lead to exhaustion or catching a flu. Remember to take care of your body and be especially mindful of your limitations. Take a break, de-stress, and get sufficient sleep.
  4. Skip that late night booze, avoid excessive drinking. Drinking alcohol is one of the most favorite pastime of employees or workers after their shift. Many treat drinking as a way to destress, but according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as part of the National Institute of Health in the US, excessive alcohol suppresses the immune system by reducing the ability of white blood cells to effectively kill bacteria. So be mindful of the alcohol you consume on a night out!
  5. Sweat out the stress, exercise.When was the last time you went out for a run? A walk? What about hitting the gym? Work sure sometimes takes us away from activities like those, but research shows that easy to moderate exercise actually boosts your immune system. So try to hit the gym every now and then or exercise at home for 30 minutes and you’ll surely reap the benefits.

Need a little help keeping healthy? Try RHEA Generics! With its wide variety of world-class quality medicines and vitamins available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide, you’ll surely survive work challenges and get to enjoy the new you this new year.

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