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Delsan Office Systems Corp.’s Head Adopts Former School

He once ran at the grounds of his elementary school, playing games under the scorching heat of the sun after his class. It is where he built his foundation of knowledge, values, and purposeful outlook in life. It was his second home.
And now, decades after leaving the place that developed him to where he is now, he returns to give back.

Odilon A. Santos, a proud alumni of Pio Valenzuela Elementary School (PVES) in Valenzuela City and the President and CEO of Delsan Office Systems Corporation, went his way to contribute for the improvement of his former school.
Under the Adopt-A-School program of the Department of Education, Delsan Office Systems Corporation helped in the renovation of the school’s building and donated several equipment for the classrooms.
This is in line with Delsan’s commitment to help society as education is Santos’ primary advocacy.
The leading supplier of printing services and business process solutions turned over 10 laser printers and one projector to principal Lilibeth S. Gozo and Adopt-A-School coordinator Sammy B. Mariano.
Aside from this, Delsan Office Systems Corp. also financed the renovation of Gabaldon Building inside Pio Valenzuela Elementary School, the structure Santos recalls as the backdrop of his playing ground.

The inauguration of Gabaldon Building under the Adopt-A-School program of Department of Education with Ms. Lilibeth A. Gozo, Principal and Mr. Odilon Santos, President and CEO of Delsan Office Systems Corporation.

“I truly believe in the proverb, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Education fuels you towards doing meaningful things. It is the only treasure that no one can steal from you,” Santos says.
He also recalls that during his time in the school, the learning tools and resources he had were rather limited. It was an inconvenience that he now wants to alleviate for the current students of his alma mater.
“This is the reason why I chose to support Pio Valenzuela Elementary School under the Adopt-A-School program of the Department of Education” he says.
Through this activity, the DepEd encourages the private sector to help in the upgrading and modernization of public schools nationwide.
Santos says supporting the Adopt-A-School program is one way of giving back to society which has welcomed and patronized the services of Delsan Office Systems Corporation over the past 25 years.
He hopes the equipment imparted by his organization to PVES shall make learning among students more interactive and encourage the teachers to embrace innovation and change within their teaching ways.
At the helm
Santos, who finished a degree in Radio Electronic Engineering at FEATI University, initially worked as a copier technician and computer technician with another company before helping establish Delsan Office Systems Corp. 25 years ago.
For more than 25 years, it has since grown to become a leading provider of managed print services, business process innovations and software solutions in various industries such as hospitality, education, banking, manufacturing, construction, food and beverage, insurance, logistics, medical, real estate, retail and utilities.
Trusted service
On how the company achieved its success, Santos says the key is topnotch and customer-empathic service.  “This is what we have provided for more than 25 years.  We have earned the trust of our clients.”
With the evolving technology, Delsan has diversified from just a toner and printer solutions provider into a business process solutions provider, always in search of better products and technology to improve the office environment.
“Delsan started small, in a one-room office with 3 partners. Now we have 252 employees, located in several offices all over the country, serving more than 2,000 valued clients.” he says. He adds that majority of their employees are stockholders too, which proves that he gives importance to the families behind the people who makes Delsan what it is today.
“As what Steve Jobs said, it is not the customers’ job to spot what they want.  It is for us, especially those in the service industry, to not only create but also educate the user about products or solutions that are sustainable and eco-friendly,” he says.
“Those are the challenges. We have to continuously innovate even the simple and common things we do every day.  The challenge is how to escalate not only locally, but globally, especially now that boundaries are disappearing.  You can now do business everywhere, any time,” says Santos.
The turn over of the laser printers and projector (L-R) Ms. Lilibeth Gozo, Principal, Dr. Salvador A. Gabaan, Education Program Supervisor of DepED Valenzuela, Mr. Dondi Santos, Marketing Manager, Delsan Office Systems Corporation, Mr. Odilon A. Santos, President and CEO of Delsan Office Systems Corporation, Mr. Glenn Gucor, VP and COO of Delsan Office Systems, Mr. Alfredo A. Galicia, Senior Education Program Specialist, DepED Valenzuela, Mr. Leo C. Mayor, Education Program Specialist II, DepEd Valenzuela and Mr. Sammy B. Mariano, Adopt-A-School Program Coordinator, Pio Valenzuela Elementary School.

“The office industry faces multiple challenges, but we expect to surmount these challenges because of our people.  Our business depends on people. Of course, there are many factors including exchange rate and political stability which make the environment unpredictable so the only way to address those challenges is through hard work,” says Santos.
Santos knows Delsan will still have a long way to go, but with the volition of the people behind it, Delsan will continue to soar.



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