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BIOSTAR: The Future of Gaming

BIOSTAR, the renowned leader in gaming hardware, celebrates its 31st anniversary and kicks off another successful year with a bang, by introducing exciting innovation and more powerful motherboards.

With the rise of DIY PCs and the boom of the gaming market in the country over the years, there has never been a more opportune time than now for BlOSTAR to expand. BlOSTAR elevates your gaming/digital experience by offering you more powerful boards and innovative products that boasts a sporty, trendy aesthetic. Be bold and be exceptional with BlOSTAR.
 “BIOSTAR integrates all the must-have benefits into a high-performing gaming motherboard, and proudly offers more exclusive and optimal features to the eSports and gaming industry.”  – Kevin Cheng, Global Marketing Manager of BlOSTAR
In the Philippines, BlOSTAR. through EA Global, has been catering to the growing market that demands higher, better specs for its AMD motherboards. Responding to the evolving needs of the market, this year, BlOSTAR proudly launched its 2nd Gen RACING series motherboard This motherboard excited gamers and the eSports market with its ATX, uATX and Mini-iTX series.
BlOSTAR also cares about gaming enthusiasts on every gaming level, so it also introduced its RACING B25OGT5 for mid-level gamers and RACING Z270GT7 for high-level players, offering the same performance, but more choices.
For AMD lovers, BlOSTAR proudly becomes the first to launch the RACING X370GT5 for mid-level gamers and RAClNG X370GT7 for high-level players. By aoffering AMD AM4 Mini iTX motherboards, RACING X370GTN and RACING B350GTN, BlOSTAR fulfills its promise of providing gamers the best quality products at competitive prices.
Also, find more exciting designs from the Super 5 concept of RACING series, which include Super Face, Super Power, Super Sound, Super Easy and Super Fun.

The Super Face features cool F1 racing car styles with carbon fiber like heatsink. While the Super Sound boasts a Hi-Fi zone design for pure audio enjoyment. Super Easy,on the other hand, lectures a GT Touch of Sport and ECO mode for performance boosting and energy-saving. Super Power delivers ultimate performance with manual control Dual-BIOS protection as the backup chip as well as Digital Power+ for extreme overclocking. And finally, the Super Fun design concept makes use of VIVID LED DJ and VIVID LED Fun Zone with RGB full-color lighting and dual 5050 LED headers for stylish PC DlY lovers.



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