Bushmills Irish whiskey calls on whiskey fans to honour St. Patrick with new toast

(March 16th 2017) MANILA, Philippines – The oldest licensed distillery in Ireland is calling on whiskey fans in the Philippines to celebrate a toast in honour of St. Patrick, the world’s most popular saint.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by millions of people globally on 17 March and this year, Bushmills® Irish Whiskey has released a compelling toast to give people a different way to celebrate the true spirit of St. Patrick.
The ‘Bushmills Toast’ is inspired by the ancient ritual of honouring someone with a drink and is the first official toast in the brand’s 400 years of distilling history. The toast gives people a true way to honour the legacy of St. Patrick, a man who lived in County Antrim where Bushmills Irish whiskey is also distilled.
The toast is brought to life in a 40 second emotive video voiced by North Irish singer/songwriter, Ciran Lavery, in a frenetic montage of bold imagery contextualising modern Ireland.
“I come from County Antrim where the Old Bushmills Distillery is located so it’s a real honour to provide the voice for the first official toast in the history of Bushmills Irish Whiskey”, shares Lavery. “Toasting is ancient ritual and it’s great to see Bushmills Irish Whiskey continuing this tradition with the first official toast in the brand’s history. Life moves so fast , so it’s important to stop and take a moment to appreciate things. I like that we still enjoy an old-age tradition in what is a modern time, and the new ‘Bushmills toast’ has combined both these elements of old and new.”
Colum Egan, Master Distiller at Bushmills Irish Whiskey, adds: “At the Old Bushmills Distillery we’ve always done things our own way and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is no different. We pride ourselves on our unwavering character – doing what’s right rather than what’s popular and the new ‘Bushmills toast’ captures our ethos by creating a moment to celebrate the true spirit of St. Patrick.”

The Bushmills Toast
This is for those who aren’t afraid to stay the same
Amongst the face of change.
When everyone else sways one way
They stray against the grain.
There’s levels to this malty story
Ideas distilled through generations
A legacy of craft and skill
that fuels these celebrations.
This is to the health
of those with the spirit of St. Patrick himself
whose story’s written on the rocks of the north coast shore
a different kind of Irish, who live by ‘less is more.’
So here’s to the wild and here’s to the free
here’s to you and here’s to me
here’s to those who quietly do
this Bushmills moment goes to you.

Written by dotdailydose




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