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Yellow pages: bringing SMES closer to their market with the newest facebook advertising solution

Known as the social media capital of the world, the Philippines has about 64% of its internet users take to social media as their main source of information when deciding to make any purchase. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter becoming ideal platforms for effective advertising, brands worldwide have launched aggressive digital marketing campaigns to be at their target market’s line of vision. In an age where creativity and accessibility is key, the goal for businesses is to harness the internet’s potential to make brands relevant and readily-accessible to their audience.

In a move to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) adapt to the technological changes in the marketplace, DPC Yellow Pages – a company long known to put businesses within reach of their potential clients – has developed the newest Facebook Advertising solution: the YP fBoost. Yellow Pages provides complete consultancy and execution of effective and cost-efficient Facebook ads – from campaign conceptualization, to real-time reports that guarantee reach and frequency.

“With Facebook, small businesses can make it big. YP fBoost is here to help them profit from that opportunity. It offers full campaign management which lets small and medium entrepreneurs promote their products and services like how the big brands are doing it, at a fraction of the cost,” Denison Tan, Marketing Manager for Yellow Pages PH, said.

With more Filipinos relying on Facebook to get their product and service needs, Tan said that it is only as important that SMEs become digitally visible when customers search for them.
“Brands are getting known because people find them on Facebook. YP fBoost guarantees
SMEs that they will have the right ad, seen by the right people at the right number of times. With this innovation, we are certain that their brands will leave a mark on people’s mind,” Tan said. “Our strongest offering – guaranteed reach and frequency – are something even the bigger ad agencies don’t offer.”
To date, there are over 48 million Facebook users in the country. According to TNS Research, Facebook is the most used digital platform by Filipinos for entertainment and online shopping. This is an insight that SMEs should recognize and embrace. The digital trend is now and this is the best time for them to build their online brand and drive sales through cost-efficient but effective Facebook advertising solution like YP fBoost.

Yellow Pages fBoost was launched on February 21 by Directories Philippines Corporation with speakers from Go Negosyo and Facebook. The event was attended by presidents and officers of small and business associations, and entrepreneurs in the country.



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