Nu Skin Philippines unveils AgeLOC TRMe System

A 90-day program for weight management and lifestyle transformation that feels good from within

Nu Skin Philippines, a subsidiary of Nu Skin Enterprises, a global leader in premium-quality beauty and wellness products, recently launched the ageLOC TRMe System, designed to help consumers achieve their weight management and lifestyle transformation goals through a complete and balanced program.

Nu Skin’s AgeLOC TRMe System is a 90-day program for weight management. It features clinically studied food supplements to help you control your food cravings, reduce stress while changing your diet, maintain a positive mindset, help support lean muscle, and boost a healthy metabolism.*

No need to drastically change your routine. The program can be seamlessly integrated into your meal times or daily routine.

To aid your balanced diet and active lifestyle or get you through a busy week, the TRMe program comes with five products that make up a holistic approach to your fitness goals and help you see measurable results as early as 15 days.


TRMe Jumpstart

If you want a good start to your fitness journey, this drink supplement will give you all the boost you need. It stimulates a healthy metabolism, aids appetite control, and provides ample support for lean muscle mass.

TRMe MyEdge

Want to reduce snacking? MyEdge will keep you full for a longer time, so you can easily turn down snacking temptations. Its active ingredients, mulberry leaf extract and guar gum, support better appetite control as well.

TRMe CS Control

Remember that mood and stress influence our behavior, especially when dealing with emotional eating. CS Control works in the same way as MyEdge. It also enhances your mood and gives you better control over your appetite.

TRMe MC Complex

Whether you’re building muscles or not, you need to maintain your lean muscle mass to burn calories faster. With the MC Complex, you have the right ratio of safe and natural ingredients to help you maintain your lean muscles and resting metabolic rate.

TRMe TrimShake

To gain and maintain lean muscles, you need protein. TrimShake is a high-quality protein powder with enough macro- and micronutrients for your muscles. It works hand in hand with the MC Complex to make sure you’re burning fat and not losing muscles.

Your fitness journey depends on how positive you feel about yourself. Coupled with discipline and patience, your transformation into your better self is more achievable and fulfilling with ageLOC TRMe System.

The ageLOC TRMe products will be available at starting June 2024.

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