Heart Evangelista’s newly redesigned unit in The Sapphire Bloc featuring interior design elements that people can try on their own home

Your dream home in a snap! RLC Residences shares interior design hacks to elevate your space

When it comes to home decorating, creativity has no limit no matter how big or small the space is. If anything, the limits may just bring out the interior designer in you as you make the most out of your space, especially as you work and stay more at home. With just a few drops of creative juice, anyone can transform their living space into something that they can call their dream home.

RLC Residences believes that everyone has the power to design their best life and that can start by designing the space where they live in. By taking small yet significant steps and through putting their mind and heart into it, everyone can already make a difference in their own homes.

Here are some easy interior design hacks that you can do to elevate your space:

  1. Match home decors with your wall color.

When it comes to the interiors of your home, colors matter—a lot. But fret not, there’s no need to repaint your walls. What you can do is match the colors of other items inside your home such that they complement the colors of your walls. A fool-proof trick is to follow an analogous color scheme.

Home items in white hues and neutrals that complements the white wall color

Analogous colors are simply three colors next to each other on the color wheel. For example, if you have green walls at home, it may play to your advantage to have blue and blue-green decors. Another option is to follow a monochromatic look wherein you play with different hues of the same color, giving that modern minimalist theme.


  1. Use mirrors to ‘add’ space.

Never underestimate the impact of adding mirrors to your place. Mirrors reflect light and bounce images from different angles, which gives a sense of a bigger space. It’s like putting an optical illusion to work to your advantage.

Subtle long mirrors on the sides that create an illusion of additional space

Pro tip: If you’re on a budget, get small squared frame mirrors and put them together like a collage. This way, you can have an aesthetically pleasing mirror wall without breaking the bank.  


  1. Utilize curtains to play with light.

Well-lit areas create a spacious vibe. With the accents they provide, light also makes a place a lot more interesting and maybe even more dramatic. But no need for complicated light installations, curtains also have the power to manipulate natural light whether you want to allow, soften, or block it towards your home. To allow more light to come in, a pro tip is to use sheer curtains to achieve that welcoming but softened brightness in a room.

Long thick bedroom curtains that elegantly block the light coming from the windows and at the same showcase the high ceiling of the unit

Pro Tip: It is advised to place curtains 12 inches higher from the window to emphasize the height of your walls, especially if you have high ceilings.


  1. Maximize the spaces in-between.

Less clutter means more space. Let go of items you have not used in the last six months. And for those who can’t seem to let go just yet as they still spark joy, maximize the space under your bed. It’s easy to create a DIY organizer to store your items or simply buy one in any department store. This also applies to other open spaces available. That space under your desk can be home to stackable containers while kitchen drawers can make use of separators to organize your houseware.

A corner space transformed into an open closet

Pro tip: Go for opaque organizers and refrain from choosing transparent organizers to lessen visual clutter. You can put labels on it for easy identification.


“We, at RLC Residences, believe that designing your living space is an important form of self-expression. Bringing your ideas to life and making your home an extension of who you are can be a very fulfilling experience,” says Karen Cesario, RLC Residences Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer. “We hope that by giving Filipinos well-built and masterfully-crafted units, they too can be inspired to transform their spaces into homes they can be proud of.”  

RLC Residences is proud to have its Design Your Best Life campaign in motion, starting with the first episode of Love Marie Designs, a collaboration project between Heart Evangelista and RLC Residences, and is envisioned to continue with more exciting initiatives. The campaign reflects the brand’s Raise, Live, Connect promise as it aims to empower Filipinos to elevate their living spaces and lifestyles through creativity and passion.


For individuals looking for a space they can easily transform their dream home they may connect with a Property Specialist today through rlcresidences.com. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more updates.

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