Your easy 2-step routine for glowing skin before and after hitting the beach

Summer is the time we plan beach holidays or out of town trips to have fun and bask under the sun. This year, Filipinos are now flocking beachdestinations to bask under the sun, and flaunt their body glow in the best summer styles that’s been hiding in the closet for 2 years. But no matter how exciting it is to finally be out and about, this is also the season when skin is exposed to harsh UV rays and rising temperatures that can lead to dry, uneven skin.

Want to have the confidence to show off your skin without losing its glow? Olay’s got us covered with its Olay Bodyscience Beauty Bar and the Olay BodyscienceLotion, the gold standard solution in achieving bright, healthy-looking skin. See it in action when you follow these 2 simple steps.