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#TeamGalaxy shares tips to make everyday epic with the SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Series 5G’s Epic Multi-Camera and Director’s View

Many turn to their favorite creators to get ideas when it comes to making content for social media. Known for being trendsetters in their fields, no wonder aspiring creators wait for them to announce the next cool thing.

Today’s aspirational Samsung creators, #TeamGalaxy is using the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G. Below are just some of the ways they have used the smartphone’s suite of best-in-class features, specifically, the newest Director’s View:


BJ Pascual, go-to celebrity photographer


Cherished moments are meant to be immortalized through photos and videos, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series can capture every one of them. Play around with the multi-camera system’s series of settings to find the best way to share your unforgettable experiences.

BJ Pascual shared how he uses the epic multi-camera of the Galaxy S21 Ultra on dates. Couples can learn how to take editorial-worthy shots of each other using the 108MP Wide-Angle Camera. Since it’s the highest resolution in Galaxy, it can capture so many details and make photos look professional to better preserve the most memorable moments. For a more dramatic shot, the 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera uses a 123-degree field of vision to snap almost as much as the human eye sees. Faraway subjects? The 10MP Telephoto Camera can capture that clearly.

A date wouldn’t be complete without selfies using the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 40MP Selfie Camera. Portrait Mode takes studio-quality selfies so they can proudly share their love with the world.


Jason Magbanua, most sought-after wedding filmmaker


Jason Magbanua reveals how versatile the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is and how it can complement any multi-hyphenate’s lifestyle. Its 5nm processor makes the smartphone faster and more powerful. Use the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for work, for your passion projects, and even on your downtime. The fastest chip in Galaxy can help you tick everything on your daily to-do list.

Jason uses the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for various tasks, both for his work and his personal life. As the most sought-after wedding filmmaker, he shot newlyweds using the pro-grade cameras of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. In one ceremony, he snapped photos of the couple taking their first walk through Single Take, which helped in capturing the best moment by snapping multiple shots at a time to not miss an epic moment. Not everyone is a filmmaker but you can capture fleeting moments with none of the blur.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is ideal for content creators who want to experiment with different styles when recording. Vlogs become more exciting with Director’s View, a feature that can switch between different angles and views while shooting. To make shots even more striking, try what Jason did to record a skateboarder and shoot it in slow motion. Night Mode gets a massive improvement as Samsung’s Bright Night sensor can now shoot clearer images with less noise in low-light situations.


Nicole Andersson, bubbly host and vlogger


During a quick trip to Guam, Nicole Andersson used the Vlogger View while she was under quarantine in her hotel. She calls the feature a game changer since she can shoot picture-in-picture.

“As I’m shooting the room, you can see my reaction while I talk about the view I’m seeing,” she says.

Vlogger View is a useful feature when doing travel videos. Creators can showcase stunning locales while followers watch them describe what’s happening. Another convenient feature when on a trip is Space Zoom. The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s camera can zoom up to 100 times, and photos are clear and crisp. This is perfect for city skylines and mountain views.


Richard Juan, multi-talented actor, host, entrepreneur


Richard Juan showed how cooking videos can be more interactive with Vlogger View. He recorded one while making kimbap, and viewers got to watch him prepare the Korean dish while explaining the process at the same time. While traditional cooking videos show only the process with the host describing the recipe via voice over, seeing the cook’s face at the same time makes the vlog more special. Through Samsung’s multi-camera system, Richard’s final product looked more vibrant and enticing. Bon appétit!


Samantha Lee, acclaimed filmmaker


Sam Lee has the eye for visual content as a multi-awarded filmmaker, and she showed the importance of using different perspectives to add depth to video content. According to her, “sometimes, making things epic is a matter of taking a step back, going a different direction, and not being afraid to have fun.” Sam shot a short video using Director’s View and showed that you can see the world in new ways when you look at it through a different set of eyes. Experiment with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s multi-camera and see how you can film your vlogs in new and creative styles.


Bea Benedicto, high-energy host, vlogger, and fitness enthusiast


Bea Benedicto shared how she can make the everyday more exciting through an a-day-in-the-life video with the Galaxy S21+ 5G. According to the host, “even if we’re stuck at home with not much to do, I’m still able to make every single day epic.” In her video, Bea shared how she spends her day, from preparing food at home to working out and doing the groceries. The multi-camera’s collection of lenses can be used to take photos and videos in different styles. Vlogger View simultaneously showed how she and her husband Jech Tiu can do variations of the same workout. Shoot your a-day-in-the-life and combine the Galaxy S21 Series’ camera features to make your video more fun. As Bea shared, “My life isn’t boring. It’s pretty epic!”


With the Galaxy S21 Series 5G’s features, aspiring content creators can make everyday more exciting. For more information about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series, visit


Written by dotdailydose

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